24 Sep 2015 11:03 AM GMT

Mumbai: A Meaningful Discussion With The Students Of Ryan Global School

The Logical Indian

September 24th, 2015

Recently, The Logical Indian Team along with The Timeout Film Crew and Viacom 18 hosted a discussion with the students and teachers of Ryan Global School, Mumbai. The Parents also attended the discussion. We discussed on various aspects and situations a teenager goes through.

Teenage plays a very important role in an individual’s life as thats the time when there are many development and changes we undergo. Adolescence is an age when teenagers try to create an identity for themselves.
Bad advice, curiosity to try something that everyone else is indulging in or just the fear of being teased by friends, leads them to do things they would rather not do, if left to their better judgment.

A teenager is exposed to several groups of peers during thier adolescence. All of these groups may have unique traits, norms, cultures and value systems. One’s behaviour as well as his perception about life depends much on how these peers affect him. Peer pressure is not always negative and at times, may reinforce family value systems. However, the chances of peer pressure having adverse effects are always much greater and needs to be guarded against.

Teenagers have many pressures in the form of social, parental, academic and peer pressure.There are positive and negative aspects.

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