Fact Check: Video Of Mumbai Police Paying Homage At Mahim Dargah Goes Viral With Fake Claim

India   |   15 Jan 2021 12:50 PM GMT
Writer : Yusha Rahman | Editor : Bharat Nayak | Creatives : Yusha Rahman
A video of an age-old tradition of Mumbai Police Paying Homage at Mahim Dargah during Urs is being shared to target Shiv Sena claiming that police officials are paying obeisance at the shrine for the first time.

Many social media users are sharing a video of Police officials saluting in front of a Dargah. The video is being shared with the claim that for the first time Mumbai Police paid homage to Hazrat Makhdoom Shah's dargah, a shrine of a saint and scholar who was prominent during Tughlaq dynasty. The shrine is also known as Mahim Dargah.

Social media posts suggest that Maharashtra's ruling party Shiv Sena is starting a new ritual where Mumbai police is going to Dargah. This video is shared to show Shiv Sena as Hinduphobic party and a party that is promoting Islam.

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