Ladakh-Bases Poet Pays Tribute To Indian Army, Recites His Composition On Bravery Of Soldiers

Ladakh   |   7 July 2020 7:15 AM GMT

Phunsuk Ladakhi, a Ladakh based poet paid a tribute to the Indian Bravehearts by reciting his composition on the bravery of Indian Army personnel who fought in the Galwan Valley clash in Ladakh.

While reciting a few lines from his Hindi poem, he said that people of Ladakh are compassionate and in full consciousness of the ongoing situation. Thus if anyone wants to attack them, they will face it together along with the government.

However, he also says that he realizes that war is not the solution and that they dot want any war to break out as it would prove to be harmful to both sides.

Meanwhile, the situation in the border remains tense after the violent face-off between India and China in Ladakh's Galwan valley On June 15 and 16 which led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers. India and China have been involved in talks to ease the border tension since the past month. #indiachinastandoff #galwanvalleyclash

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