20 Sep 2016 12:42 PM GMT

Share Your View: Is Gender Important When It Comes To Love?

The Logical Indian

September 20th, 2016

The word ‘love’ can be defined, but the whole gamut of it cannot be defined by anyone. The power of love engulfs almost every soul on this planet and transcends all the set rules that resist us to fall in love with someone or something. It knows no time, no age, no religion, no caste and also no gender.

Today, the youth is evolving every single day and many important questions, opinions, and school of thoughts is spreading their wings to make a mark in this world. The progressive generation is coming out of their closet to make their voices heard. And there’s hope that this is the beginning of the end of all taboos, superstitions, misconceptions that had so far gripped the society.

The LGBTQ community has also shed its cocoon and is now seeking its right to love freely from the entire world. Same sex relationships are making their presence felt. After all, love knows no boundaries.

Many celebrities have openly come out about their sexuality. Musician Elton John, Hollywood and TV actor Neil Patrick Harris, Celebrity TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, and many others have defied all odds to come out and be vocal about their choice. But a majority still face the heat today, bowing down to the pressure of their families, the society and the world at large. All they want is acceptance and equality and the right to love the person of their choice without seeing which gender they belong to.

Author Bhaavna Arora has launched her third book. Titled ‘Love Bi The Way’, this book is Bhaavna’s mouthpiece in support of same-sex relationships.

It is a book about two women who are best friends. As both of them navigate their fulfilling careers and try to leave behind troubled pasts, they find solace in each other and explore love between them, proving that love has #NoBoundaries. Love cannot be dictated by genders anymore.

But how well does their relationship thrive in this society of censorship, intolerance, and unacceptance? Find out all the answers in this book.

Let us all cheer for author Bhaavna Arora and her new book that is all set to boldly challenge the odds of the society.

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