Disha Ravi Arrest: Historian Ramchandra Guha Among Others Protest In Bengaluru

Karnataka   |   27 Feb 2021 8:24 AM GMT
Editor : Prateek Gautam | Creatives : Anukriti Ganesh
After a 22-year-old Bengaluru activist, Disha Ravi was arrested by Delhi Police and was charged with sedition, activists in Bangalore staged a protest in solidarity with her at Mysore Circle.

The protest took place in the evening and soon grew as more crowds gathered and people accused the Delhi Police for targeting Ravi.

People carried placards saying "free India's Daughters" and "Free Disha, Free Democracy". The street was filled with activists including noted historian Ramchandra Guha who termed the central government rule dictatorship.

People also accused Delhi police and the central government of following unethical ways in arresting Disha.

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