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Distance Is Just A Number When It Comes To Loving The People Closest To Us

The Logical Indian Crew

January 13th, 2017

We start building relationships from the moment we step into this world. The first bond we share is with our parents; then, our siblings and other members of the family. As we grow older, we go to schools and colleges, meet new people and make friends. Bonding with different kinds of individuals is a continuous process. As we start working, we think of settling down and starting our own families. As human beings residing in a social construct, we value our loved ones.

But as we move away for higher studies or jobs, we might miss expressing our feelings for the people closest to us.

This Diwali, a festival of togetherness and giving, why don’t we remember the people who make our lives joyful?

Dahua Technology, through this video, is sending across a beautiful message – distance is just a number when it comes to the people we love. A daughter doesn’t need the physical presence of her mother to know that she is loved; a wife doesn’t need to be around her husband to know that she is respected; a son doesn’t need to be a child for his parents to tell him that they love him.

Whatever our age maybe, wherever we might be, love has no boundaries.

This year, celebrate the festival of lights by showing your loved ones how much you care.   

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