17 Aug 2016 11:00 AM GMT

CCTV Footage: Four Men Steal A Cow And Take It In Car

The Logical Indian

August 17th, 2016

The other side of the story:
There have been many reports about “Gau Rakshak”, the cow protection vigilante group beating the cow/beef traders. However, there are people who are actually doing the business of stealing cows and selling them to the slaughter houses. One of such incident is captured on a CCTV camera.

It is appalling to see ruthless capture and transport of the cows roaming the streets.

It again shows the failure of the system. The system can’t protect properties and there are thefts of cows and to counter it there raise vigilante groups raging violence against the legal business around the animal products.

The Government needs to protect properties, people, and business. In the absence of law and orders, everyone gets hurt and development is dragged back.

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