1 July 2015 12:00 PM GMT

Blitab: World’s First Ever Braile Tablet ‘An IPad For The Blind’

The Logical Indian

July 1st, 2015

The first of its kind braille tablet could bring hope and change the lives of millions of visually impaired around the globe.

The revolutionary development by Austria-based company Blitab Technology will open up the doors of the digital era for the blind people. The technology is capable of representing maps, images and different figures that will help the user to travel anywhere without any dependency.

This USB compatible braille tablet uses a new liquid bubble technology which displays small bubbles that allow the user to read and write one whole page via Braille Perkins Keyboard.

The gadget instantly converts any text file into braille, unlike the devices which are currently there in the market that generate only one line of braille at a time and are quite expensive too. So this new development will promote learning braille and help the blind people to use technology the way any other sighted person does like reading books, web browsing and downloading books.

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