30 Jun 2017 1:50 PM GMT

Medals Are Forgotten, And What Is Remembered For Lifetimes Are World Records

The Logical Indian Crew

June 30th, 2017

In the run for finding his life’s purpose, he met with his dream. Leaving behind his father’s wishes for him to become a wrestler, he chasing after his own – to represent the country in the 800m track in the Olympics.

Beant Singh of Mardan Khera, Assandh, Haryana won his first medal in the National Youth Athletics Championship, 2014; he was only 15.

But medals are forgotten, and what is remembered for lifetimes are world records. Beant is only 8 seconds away from the Olympics Record in 800m track.

As a humble boy who lived in a small room for his training in Kotla, Delhi, he had money in scarcity, but talent in abundance. A few sponsors came to his aid, but Beant always fell short of the finances needed to support his training.

But this hardly shook his confidence because he has a grip on his dreams and has high spirits, strength and determination.

However, as citizens of India, and sports enthusiasts, we hardly know of Beant. For him to give wings to his passion, each of us need to extend our support. Furo Sports identified this gap, and sought to bring out his journey to world – a journey of inspiration and sportsmanship.

Eight seconds might seem small, but for Beant to cover that time requires every drop of blood and sweat in his body. Eight seconds is a giant target for an athlete to reduce and Beant is running to not only fulfill his goal but to make our country’s heart swell with pride.

Beant has won gold medals at Asian Youth Championships and Asian Junior Championships, apart from winning several other national accolades. After Asia, he has set sight on the world, and along with Furo Sports, we too need to support Beant’s run for the Olympic gold.

Olympics was introduced to bring together people from different races who represent their countries in an environment filled with hope and spirit. As Beant is only just 8 seconds away from leaving India’s mark worldwide, we, as citizens, can do our part by showing that we care.

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