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Invincible Indians: Stories Of People And Their Extraordinary Acts That Make Us Proud

The Logical Indian Crew

June 23rd, 2017

We currently live in an era where flipping through the pages of any newspaper gives us details of challenging circumstances. Every day we read stories that are either disappointing or disheartening. At times like these, the solid determination of a few instils a sense of hope in us. They are the ones who bring positivity in this otherwise seamy world. Their service to the society is unconditional – born out of kindness and compassion in their hearts, and a solid determination in their minds. While their work might seem extraordinary, it is accomplished by the most ordinary people – the ones who live among us.

Bajaj V looks out for such people – to bring their inspiring story to the rest of us.

An initiative by Bajaj VInvincible Indians: Solid People, Solid Stories – shares journeys of people who, by their solid determination and extraordinary verve, have uplifted the lives of those around them. Their selfless acts make Indian hearts swell with pride.

These Invincible Indians possess a willpower so solid that their actions leave a massive impact on the society.

Pravin Tulpule of Mumbai, Maharashtra is one such individual. He is an ex-navy man who chose to follow a path that many could not understand or are too afraid to take.

After 17 years of serving the country, Tulpule, rightly called ‘Happy Uncle’, decided to become a clown and spread happiness among people of all ages.

Till date, he has performed in about 4,500 shows in schools, hospitals and old age homes.

There are several other solid people like him whose sole purpose in life is to make others’ lives happier and more comfortable. You can check out the story of ‘Pothole Dada’, ‘The Bridge Man of India’, ‘Guru’ and many others here.

But these solid people with solid stories are common citizens of the country; what makes them unique is their uncommon dream.

The Logical Indian community urges people to come forward with more such stories and help Bajaj V spread awareness about the solid work of citizens who have dedicated their lives to the society.

Invincible Indians: Solid People, Solid Stories is an impactful initiative with a strong message for everyone – our human potentials can be used for a purpose bigger than ourselves. To learn more about it, click here.

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