19 May 2016 3:51 AM GMT

[Watch] Arms And Wars, Aren’t These Supply And Demand?

The Logical Indian

May 19th, 2016

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Arms industry makes huge profits every year and are hugely influential among the law makers across the world and more particularly so in the United States, the country which spends more on defence and arms than many countries put together.

Arms industry has lobbied in the past and plays a huge role in the decisions to go to war which kills millions of innocent men, women and children. War needs the arms industry and the arms industry needs war to make more arms and profits. Both feed each other.

75 percent of people who died during war fighting for US were from middle-class families, so it majorly affects middle-class men and women who die on the name of peace or pride.

At a time when global warming and climate change is threatening the survival of human race, we have to work together as a one race to tackle it. Wars are the last things we should be thinking of.

War is a blot on humanity.
Either we end war, or war will end us.

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