Q-Movement In Mumbai Local

The Logical Indian

February 13th, 2018


The Q-Movement

This is the footage of Shahad railway station, Mumbai during busy hours for the Local train.
This shows how one of the busiest train stations can function smoothly if we follow the Queue. The chaos happens only if we all try to get in together and sometime block the passengers who are getting down.

If this is implemented and followed in Mumbai alone thousands of the lives can be saved every year and a lot of inconveniences can be reduced. There were 3,304 deaths on Mumbai locals in 2015.

The video was shared by Atul Hari Kurlekar
Writing “Q movement at Shahad station today…… Even fast local 8.28 with discipline……. No worries….. It really works……. Try it out…….. Will reduce daily chaos….. Accident Fights….. Abuse…… Journey is more secure & pleasant”


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