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Tamil Nadu Cafe Owner Raises Funds For Auto Ambulances To Serve Remote Villagers

The electric auto ambulances are equipped with oxygen cylinders, stretchers for patients, attenders’ seats, fire extinguishers, and fans. These vehicles will be used to serve villagers residing in far-flung areas of the Nilgiris district.

The villagers of Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris district are amongst the people who have been struggling to access timely medical attention. Cafe owner Radhika Shastri, aware of the plight of the villagers, was looking for ways in which she could ease their trouble.

That's when she came across electric auto ambulances, a project of Vivek Tankha of Jabalpur, on social media. She contacted the manufacturers and asked if the ambulances could be customised for alpine roads.

After receiving a green signal, Shashtri then faced the task of raising funds for buying the vehicles. She approached the financiers of her cafe, 'Carpe Diem', and also spread the word on social media platforms.

Eventually, she crowdfunded around ₹21 lakh to buy six life-supporting ambulances. Within 30 days, the manufacturers completed the customisation and delivered six 470-CC Bajaj Maximas, with each vehicle costing ₹3.5 lakh, The Indian Express reported.

The vehicles are customised for the hilly terrain and narrow roads and are equipped with oxygen cylinders, stretchers for patients, attenders' seats, fire extinguishers, and fans. The driver and the patient's compartments are separate.

Ambulances For Hospitals

The vehicles 'AmbuRx' will be donated to the NGOs, public and private hospitals in the Ketti, Coonoor, and Kotagiri areas of the district to help ferry patients residing in remote villages.

"The autos are donated to the Ketti government hospital, Pushpa hospital (Coonoor), Hotel federation, Kotagiri Medical Fellowship hospital, Kinder Trust (Wellington), and 3-star ambulance services," the media quoted Shastri as saying.

Speaking to the media, Coonoor Block Medical Officer, Dr Harija said the healthcare centres have 108 ambulances services, but AmbuRx would be beneficial for people living in tribal and far-flung areas.

Raised Funds For Hospital

Shashtri has raised funds earlier as well, to help Coonoor's Lawly Government Hospital improve their medical infrastructure, with the help of welfare associations.

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