Odisha Launches Program To Support Education Of 200 Girls From Urban Slums

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Odisha Launches Program To Support Education Of 200 Girls From Urban Slums

The Commissionerate police in Odisha have launched the novel programme ‘Enlight 2.0', to support the education of over 200 girl children who come from socially or financially backward communities.

It is said that educating a girl child is equivalent to empowering a nation. Every society that has provided equal standing and opportunities for its citizens has proven to flourish in every realm of its statehood. Ensuring that no girl child is deprived of their right to education, the Commissionerate police in Odisha have launched a novel programme known as 'Enlight 2.0'. Under this initiative, they aim to support the education of girl children from socially or financially backward communities. Providing leverage toward equal opportunities, the program would identify 200 girls from five slum areas in the first phase.

Equal Opportunities For All

The Odisha commissionerate police will launch a support education program for the girl children of rag pickers and those belonging to economically backward sections. The first phase would enrol 200 girls from five urban slum areas- Sikharchandi Nagar, Sikharchandi Nagar Muslim, Saibanaphula, Tarini, and Patra. Learning centres have been set up across each slum under the initiative. An appropriate education support will also be provided to the identified girl students from classes five to eight. The centres would have volunteers teaching a vast range of subjects, from mathematics, science, to English, every day for an hour in the morning and two in the evening.

They would also be facilitating provisions to counsel the parents to continue their children's education. Earlier data suggested that daughters of rag pickers studied in government schools but still faced constraints as they could not afford private tuition for their children. This was one among the multiple reasons why socially backward communities had to discontinue the education of their girl children. Addressing this professionally with the help of counsellors at school, they hope to lift the graph of girl students attending school once again.

Learning Made Enjoyable

Police commissioner Saumyendra Kumar Priyadarsi stated that the students would get to enjoy the education programme thoroughly. Lessons are incorporated with informative and entertaining songs, dance, storytelling, games, and other activities. This way, the children would not have to worry about additional tuition to understand lessons and would also find learning an enjoyable experience. Migration and Thematic unit at Aide et Action South Asia's director Umi Daniel said that as a part of the project, 300 more girls would be identified within a couple of years, and necessary education support will be offered to them.

The police would act as a bridge between the community support groups and organisers. According to a report by New Indian Express, they would be assisting the program leads in taking the learning and study materials to the girl students. The team is also looking into providing financial assistance to identified girl students who want to pursue higher studies like PG, MBBS, engineering, and other courses.

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