Hindus Douses Fire On Tajiya Amid Muharram Procession Near Murdered Tailor Kanhaiya Lals Shop

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Hindus Douses Fire On 'Tajiya' Amid Muharram Procession Near Murdered Tailor Kanhaiya Lal's Shop

A 25-feet high 'tajiya' caught fire after a Muharram procession crossed the narrow lanes of Mochiwada street in Udaipur. A Hindu family noticed the incident and started throwing water at it without thinking twice.

A family consisting of Hindus helped avoid a major incident during the Muharram procession. A 25-feet high 'tajiya' caught fire during the procession crossing the Mochiwada street in Udaipur, barely a few meters from the shop of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal who was murdered by two Muslim men over his alleged post on backing Nupur Sharma.

As soon as the 'tajiya' caught fire, the Hindu families were the first to notice as they were watching the procession from the 1st and 2nd floors of their building. After seeing the fire, the locals started throwing water at it without giving it any second thought.

'Won Everyone's Heart'

According to the police officials, till the fire was doused, the family members of Ashish Chowadia and Rajkumar Solanki kept throwing water from their balconies. The district collector, Tara Chand Meena, said, "Not only was the incident averted, but it also became an example of communal harmony. This incident has won everyone's heart," NDTV reported.

Another police official, Shipra Rajawat, who was at the incident site, said that the probable reason for the fire in the procession was a short circuit or sparks from the incense sticks. After the Hindu community members doused the flames, Muslims clapped for them as a gesture of thankfulness, he added.

Rawat mentioned, "Mochiwada street is close to Mal Das street where Kanhaiya Lal was murdered on June 28. Two men murdered Kanhaiya Lal - Riaz Akhtari, also referred to as Riyaz Attari and Ghouse Mohammad."

He added that after the murder, the two murderers released a video wielding the cleaver with which they hacked Kanhaiya Lal and said that he was beheaded for insulting Islam.

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