Mans Best Friend! Stray Dogs Become Early Warning Friends For Soldiers In Gulmarg

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Man's Best Friend! Stray Dogs Become 'Early Warning' Friends For Soldiers In Gulmarg

For the soldiers protecting the borders in Gulmarg, the stray dogs are their companions that act as an "early warning system" that alerts them of unusual activities at the Line of Control (LoC). Patrolling past harsh winters and snow-clad terrains, the canine companions have become their extended family.

For localites of Jammu and Kashmir's Gulmarg, the dogs may be just yet another stray moving around the high-altitude region. However, for the soldiers protecting the borders, these strays are their companions and their very own "early warning system."

Be it the harsh winters or summers, these canine companions are always found with the men patrolling the Line of Control (LoC). Following each batch diligently, the strays at the borders have played an interesting role in alerting our soldiers about untoward incidents at the LoC.

Gulmarg's temperature can drop as low as minus 10° Celsius during the winters, and it becomes a challenging terrain to patrol with the harsh winds and snow that follow the temperature drops. The stray dogs keep the soldiers' company even in the harsh winters. Accompanying them in their patrolling shifts, they often alert the soldiers by barking out warnings when they sense dangers ahead.

Companion For Soldiers

Familiar with the soldiers at the border, the strays cleverly detect other unusual movements or strangers lurking around. Many soldiers have conveyed how the strays "early warning system" has been very helpful to them. A report by NDTV quoted a soldier saying, "these dogs are with us today, tomorrow they will be with the next unit," that would be posted in the borders. They often follow the soldiers back to their camps as well and have become a part of their team in a way.

The strays are cared for by the soldiers as a part of their extended families. In the snow-clad high-altitude areas, accessible only by foot, the soldiers survive on a ration. Even with the limited supplies of biscuits and water, the soldiers ensure the canines are well-fed along with them.

Major General Ajay Chandpuria, General Officer Commanding of the Army's 19 Infantry Division, conveys how such a bond between the soldiers and canines is not an unusual sight along the border lines. He noted that the strays are truly a man's best friend and that they have stayed by the soldier's side even when the situations were adverse.

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