Delhi Metro Website, Mobile App Gets Makeover; Now Real-Time Data On Display

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Delhi Metro Website, Mobile App Gets Makeover; Now Real-Time Data On Display

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation revamped its website and mobile application to provide real-time data on the trains, metro stations nearest to tourist spots and the facilities available at the stations.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) upgraded its website and mobile application to a better user experience. DMRC has now added features like real-time data on the expected journey time from one destination to another and details of metro stations and their facilities.

Apart from that, the official website of DMRC would also provide 'tour guides' that would inform people about the nearest metro stations to 30 monuments and landmarks in the city. The mobile application would also enable the users to locate the nearest metro station using the mobile's GPS and get 'next station' alerts on their phones to ensure that they do not miss a station.

New-Age Facilities Designed After Months Of Research

The DMRC spokesperson said, "These new-age facilities have been designed after months of thorough research during which DMRC officials scanned the websites and mobile applications of all major transport systems across the world", Hindustan Times reported. Moreover, he further added that a comparative study of the official websites of the leading metro systems across the world revealed that Delhi Metro's website has more passenger convenience features than any similar website operational in other cities.

DMRC had taken several steps to ensure that the website and app remain undisturbed by any virus attacks. Moreover, the corporation conducts intermittent operations to provide the same. The mobile application is available on the play store for Apple and Android phones. Furthermore, the website has a bilingual format in Hindi and English for user convenience. The previous website had both corporate and passenger information, whereas the new website focused on passenger-centric information.

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