Worrying Signs! World Hunger Issues To Worsen After Spiking 25% Before Russia-Ukraine War

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Worrying Signs! World Hunger Issues To Worsen After Spiking 25% Before Russia-Ukraine War

The global hunger crisis is “exploding” as the ongoing war in Ukraine sends prices of key staples even higher, following a 25% increase in food insecurity last year.

With a 25 per cent increase in food scarcity last year, the global hunger issue is "exploding" as the conflict in Ukraine drives up the costs of vital necessities even more. The World Food Programme's top economics expert made the remark as the Global Network Against Food Crises cautioned that the hunger crisis is projected to "deteriorate considerably" this year. A measure of global food costs has reached a new high as the Ukraine conflict interrupts harvests and shipments from one of the world's largest crop and vegetable-oil providers."The globe is bursting with food insecurity," World Food Programme's Arif Husain was quoted as saying by YahooFinance on May 4.

93 Million People Suffered Acute Food Shortage In 2021

According to the reports, about 193 million people in 53 countries or territories experienced severe food scarcity in 2021, which means that a food shortage constituted an imminent danger to their existence or livelihoods. This increased from 155 million in 55 nations in 2021 and a new high in the six years since the study began.

Disputes in nations such as Ethiopia and Afghanistan have exacerbated problems, while economic disruptions from the Covid-19 outbreak have limited food availability in over two dozen countries, according to an international alliance assessment. Severe weather, such as the extreme drought in Madagascar, is compounding.

A measure of global food prices has risen by roughly 75 per cent since mid-2020, surpassing levels experienced in 2008 and 2011 linked to global food shortages, putting stress on authorities from Sri Lanka to Peru.

War In Ukraine escalates Global Food Crisis

The annexation of Ukraine is also causing a surge in protectionism, with some exporters limiting abroad grain sales to safeguard domestic supply. According to the research, the war would have "serious ramifications" for global food security since millions of Ukrainians will be dislocated, and many import-dependent nations will be unable to get basic crops or fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia. It is also stifling world economic restoration from the epidemic.

"The conflict in Ukraine is supercharging a three-dimensional crisis — hunger, power, and finance — with terrible consequences for the world 's most susceptible people, governments, and growing economies," said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in the statement.

Early indications show that the food situation is intensifying. This year, the number of people suffering from hunger in 41 nations polled last year, plus Cabo Verde, will be over 180 million. While there is no prognosis for the remaining 12 nations, it implies an incremental 5 million hungry individuals in the countries where forecasts are currently in place.

In 2016, the European Union, World Food Programme, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation established the Food Crisis Network.

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