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Hijab Stir: Twitterati Express Dismay Over Karnataka High Court's Interim Order

The Karnataka high court on Thursday, February 10, passed an interim order allowing the opening of colleges but that no student should insist on wearing “religious clothes” until the time the court decides the matter.

The full bench of the Karnataka High Court hearing pleas against the hijab ban in the state's high schools and junior colleges expressed its intent on Thursday, February 10, to issue an interim order directing students to return to classes. It said that the students and all stakeholders will not insist on wearing religious garments until the matter is pending before the court.

However, the full bench comprising Chief Justice of Karnataka Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, Justice Krishna S Dixit and Justice J M Khazi did not issue any interim directions in this regard after protests were registered by advocates for the petitioners, The Indian Express reported.

Posting the matter for Monday, the court also said the educational institutions can resume classes for the students.

Twitterati Reacts

Twitter users, including journalists, activists, politicians, expressed their disapproval and discontentment over the interim decision of the court over the controversy, which has been erupting since early January.

Actor and activist Mona Ambegaonkar said that the decision has suspended the constructional rights of citizens of India and nothing could be more illegal.

'This 'Chief Justice' has suspended the Constructional Rights of Citizens of the country. Nothing could be more illegal. Oh wait. #SaffronNazis don't believe in Constitutional Rights either," she tweeted.

Opposing the move, the national spokesperson of TMC Saket Gokhale wrote, "Basically, suspension of Art. 25 of the Indian Constitution while hearing is ongoing? Speechless.

"Today's Karnataka High Court order is legalised oppression of Muslim community. Faith & Fundamental rights of Indian Muslims have to be suspended to maintain Peace, tranquillity & satisfy conscience of Indian majority," one of the Twitter users wrote.

"Karnataka High court effectively suspended Muslim girls from colleges till Monday... It is on course to close the doors of public education on Muslim girls.. Ironically, the order may be passed using a Muslim Women!!," another user expressed.

Plea Against High Court Order

Meanwhile, an appeal has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging Karnataka high court's February 10 interim order, The Times of India reported. The plea filed by a student has sought a stay on the direction of the high court, which is hearing the hijab issue, as well as the proceedings going on before the three-judge bench.

The appeal contended that the court has sought to curtail the fundamental right of Muslim students by not allowing them to wear the 'hijab'.

Earlier, the Campus Front of India (CFI), a student organisation in the thick of the raging hijab stir, on Thursday, February 10, said that it was not satisfied with the decision of the Karnataka high court, which restricted students from wearing any religious attire to educational institutions, according to Hindustan Times.

"We are not satisfied with the decision (of the HC). We will wait till Monday and then contemplate our next course of action," Ataullah Punjalkatte, the state president of CFI said.

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