Sweet Dreams for Moms-to-Be: 10 Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy
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Sweet Dreams for Moms-to-Be: 10 Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Expecting A Child Is The Most Beautiful Feeling In The World.

Expecting a child is the most beautiful feeling in the world. The excitement, and happiness are at their highest level, but with pregnancy comes a lot of challenges, and one of them is having the right amount of sleep during pregnancy. Expectant mothers are advised to sleep on their sides, as sleeping on their backs can compress the inferior vena cava and decrease oxygen to the placenta.
A lot of doctors recommend sleeping on their left side which is said to protect the liver and increase blood flow to the heart, fetus, uterus, and kidneys. Another crucial factor that affects the quality of your sleep is the mattress that you are sleeping on. That’s why along with tips for better sleep, we have also come up with the list of
best mattress for pregnant ladies

10 Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Although pregnancy is the most beautiful thing to experience, at the same time pregnancy is all about back pain, body cramps, nausea, sleep apnea, heartburn, restless leg syndrome, overheating, and frequent urination. It may not be easy for expecting mothers to have undisturbed seamless sleep, but we have come up with a few tips that they can follow to have better sleep.
Avoid having caffeine as much as you can, as harmful as it is for non-pregnant people, it is much more harmful for pregnant ladies. Some of the major sources of caffeine are tea, chocolate, and soft drinks, so no matter how much you crave caffeine, you should stay away as it’ll not only affect your sleep but also the development of your child.
Healthy eating should be your top priority when it comes to pregnancy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. But before you follow any internet diet, consult a good pregnancy dietician. They’ll help you curate the best plan for you and you and your developing baby.
One of the problems that mothers-to-be face is indigestion. This problem occurs because as the size of the uterus increases it puts pressure on the stomach affecting the digestion process. This whole thing can lead to a burning feeling in your body, which wakes you up in the middle of the night. In that, you should avoid eating spicy food and also eating too much all at once. Another thing that you can do is to keep your head 10 to 15 cm above while sleeping. Apart from this, you must share this problem with your doctor as they will have the right medication for this problem.
For human beings, they experience the best sleep when their body is worked out at the end of the day. Now for pregnant women, it can be a bit difficult to exercise, but you can still try to do low-intensity yoga and follow a maternity yoga instructor to help your body get relaxed and get a better sleep.
Breathing exercise is another way you can feel relaxed and lower down anxiety and palpitations that women experience during pregnancy, which adversely affects their sleep. You cannot risk waking up sleep-deprived as it can affect the growth of your child’s brain.

No matter how hard it is for you to fall asleep and have an undisturbed sleep, you must stay away from any kind of sleeping aids. These sleeping aids come with a lot of side effects, plus not much research has been done on the result of such medicines on pregnant women, so it's advisable not to use them anyway.
Sleep in a cool and dark place, because the moment you go to a cool and dark place to relax it automatically signals the brain to get into sleep mode. Along with that, having the same sleeping and waking up time goes a long way in maintaining a good sleep habit, which will help you even in your postpartum phase.
Avoid using technology at all costs, it’ll further elevate the problem of sleeplessness, It is always better to read a book before you go to sleep, as it’ll make you feel asleep better.
Sleeping during pregnancy means you need to have a lot of body support. The best support is provided by pillows. Test and select the best quality pillows that not only give your back, lower back, and your belly adequate support but also feel soft and gentle on your body. There are pregnancy pillows too, available in the market that you can get for yourself.
Last but the least, you must get yourself the best mattress to have the most comfortable sleep. When it comes to the best mattress for pregnant ladies, there is no better brand than Sleepwell.

Best Mattress for Pregnant Ladies

One of the most important things that pregnant ladies need in their mattresses is the best body support. Along with that if the bed mattress is airy and supports air circulation it becomes an even better mattress for pregnant women. All these requirements are fulfilled by Sleepwell, let’s take a look at the best mattress for pregnant ladies that Sleepwell has to offer.

Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress

The Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress is Sleepwell’s best mattress for pregnant ladies. The mattress is made up of layers of foam that make it a bed-soft mattress. The first layer is the impression foam that is designed to counter the shape of the body. It ensures equal body weight distribution and gives pressure points relief.
The second layer is a Profiled Resitec foam that serves two purposes - it gives resilience to the mattress and also makes it flexible giving the sleeper a medium-firm feel. The fabric that covers the length and breadth of the mattress is a wave zoning design fabric that is made to distinguish firm and support zones in a mattress for the best back comfort. You can buy this mattress online at a price starting at ₹6,839.

Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

Next in line is the Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, which is layered with various foams, and the base is made up of pocket springs. Let's look at them one by one. The first layer of foam is the impressions foam that along with providing equal body weight distribution, also maintains its optional temperature. The second layer is Sleepwell’s very own Resitec foam that offers resilience and flexibility to the mattress making it the best mattress for pregnant ladies.
Beneath that is a layer of 3 Zone pocket springs that are designed to provide the body’s spinal alignment. These springs adapt to the pressure points of the mattress and offer better pressure point relief. This mattress also has a wave zoning design that reflects firm and support zones. You can get this bed mattress at ₹18,556.

Spinetech Mattress

The Spinetech Mattress is another great mattress for pregnant women. The mattress has three layers of foam that make it medium firm and provide the best back support. The first is the 3-Zoned Sleepwell Profiled Resitec foam that provides even body weight distribution. The second is a rebonded foam that is placed to make the mattress a bit firm. The third is Sleepwell's ingenious Air-O-Fresh foam which is designed to promote air circulation so that you get to sleep on a cool and dry mattress even in humid weather. The bed mattress price starts at ₹15,927.

Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress

One of the best mattresses for pregnant women is the Spinetech Air Luxury Mattress. The price of this mattress is certainly on the higher side but it is a good bed mattress for women in the later stages of their pregnancy.
The mattress has three layers of foam that make it the best mattress for pregnant ladies. The first layer is Sleepwell’s Next foam which is a smart recovery foam as it adapts to the shape of the body and offers easy movement. The second is the impression foam, which again contours to the shape of the body and provides even pressure distribution.
The third is a 3-Zoned Sleepwell Profiled Resitec foam, which enhances resilience and offers easy body movement to the sleeper. When it comes to the cover, the length and breadth of the mattress are covered with premium quality fabric that gives it a smooth and soft surface that is also tear-resistant. You can get this mattress online, price starting at ₹22,560.

Spinetech Air Mattress

Spinetech Air Mattress is yet another comforting mattress for pregnant women that is made up of premium quality foams. This mattress uses Sleepwell's ingeniously profiled Impressions and Quiltec foam together which gives it a soft and luxurious surface. The next foam that comes beneath it is a 3 Zoned Sleepwell Profiled Resitec foam that provides special contouring and even body pressure distribution. Finally, the mattress is layered with a rebonded foam that provides it with a layer of firmness. The mattress is covered with a premium quality fabric that is tear-resistant and is stitched to give you a smooth surface. You can get this mattress online at a price starting at ₹17,001.
These were some of the best quality mattress for pregnant women that you can consider buying. You should also keep in mind that getting the best mattress for maternity will not be enough if you don’t do your part in taking care of yourself. So follow the tips mentioned above and take very good care of yourself.
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