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Tommy Cherry Breaks His Own Guinness World Record, Solves Rubik's Cube While Blindfolded

Tommy Cherry, a teen from the United States of America, decided to go beyond just playing with the Rubik's cube and broke his own Guinness world record. He solved the rotating puzzle cube blindfolded, the fastest in the world record time.

In a phenomenal record-setting, a teen from the United States of America has broken his own record. The teen is Tommy Cherry, who has solved the rotating puzzle cube blindfolded in just 14.67 seconds at the World Cubic Association's (WCA) Florida Fall 2021 competition in December 2021. Guinness World Records have shared the information on their official website.

This time, he broke his own record and took 0.6 seconds less than his previous achievement. Earlier, in August 2021, he took 15.27 seconds to solve the rotating puzzle cube. Guinness World Records have shared the video of the teen solving the Rubik's cube on YouTube.

Teen Expressed Gratitude

Tommy Cherry, who broke the record, is highly blissful and feels fantastic to have the world record! He is happy that all the time and effort he has put into over the years has finally paid off.

He also thanked his sponsors, TheCubicle and MoYu, who helped him afford to go in cubing competitions and make the records possible. He appreciated his friends and family for the support he received from them.

Journey Of Solving Cubes

July 30, 2015, was the exact day he learned to solve a cube, shared Tommy Cherry. "It took me a few weeks after that to memorise all the steps so that I could solve the cube without needing the assistance of a tutorial", said Cherry. His first successful blindfolded solve was around 8 minutes, and over time, he got faster with practice and learning new techniques.

Tommy enjoyed solving Rubik's cube being blindfolded. However, he didn't think of record-breaking until he realised that his solving speed at home was not far from the world record time. He said, "I always wanted to get better and better to improve my world ranking, but a world record wasn't a specific goal I had in mind until around two years ago when I made that realisation."

Future Plans

Even after breaking his record, he does not want to stop here or at a 3x3x3 cube. He still sees room for improvement and wants to set more records in 3x3x3 blindfolded. His goal is to go to a continental and world championship. And if he can go there, it would be like a dream coming true and winning or reaching the top 3 in 3x3 blindfolded would be the icing on top of the cake.

Advice For Newcomers In Cubing

Tommy Cherry even advises those who want to get into cubing and break a record one day. He advises not to feel discouraged if the progress is slow as it takes a lot of time for a person to get to the spot of breaking the records. He also advises being passionate about the record(s) one chooses to pursue because you practise more effectively in the things you enjoy doing!

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