No One Cared When Farmers Ate Rats: Netizens Defend Pizza Langar For Protesting Farmers

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"No One Cared When Farmers Ate Rats": Netizens Defend Pizza Langar For Protesting Farmers

'Some people in India want farmers to remain poor, helpless and miserable,' Netizens jumped to defend aid to protesting farmers.

A section of social media has been trolling the 'lavish' aid being provided to the protesting farmers in Delhi. The protestors say that the 'ghee smeared rotis' and devouring pizzas have diminished the very 'idea' of the protest altogether.

The protesting farmers who have been braving the cold Delhi winters over the last 20 days to register their protest against the new farm laws at Delhi borders have received help from many organisations across the country, that made sure the farmers and their families are well-fed, while also ensuring that they have beds and that their basic needs are met.

The protesting farmers have been provided with a hug roti making machine installed at the protest site which can churn about 2000 rotis in an hour. International NGO Khalsa Aid has set up a foot massage centre at the borders to ensure elderly farmers remain healthy and fit.

The activists of Bhartiya Kisan Union from Barmi and Boparai Kalan villages recently set up "pizza langars", reported News18. The news reports also said that a group of five friends set up pizza langars at the protest site.

The photos and videos of farmers getting help and support in many ways have gone viral on social media. While some praised the selfless efforts to keep farmers safe and healthy at the protest sites by various sections of the society, others passed uncharitable comments on Twitter.

A section of the social media hit back with questions, such as, why no one cared when Tamil Nadu farmers, who travelled to Delhi in order to stage protest, held dead rats in their mouth. The farmers from Tamil Nadu had protested for 41 days in the national capital in 2018.

Some said that many people in India want farmers to always remain 'poor'.

Others drew comparisons between the farmers eating pizza at community langar with Prime Minister Modi's outfits and lifestyle.

As the pizza langar made headline, one the organisers, Shanbir Singh Sandhu said, "The farmers who gave the dough for pizzas can also afford to have one themselves."

The organizers were also moved by the fact that some people ridiculed their efforts. "Few people just cannot digest that a farmer can have a car, wear good clothes and have a pizza. The farmer has moved on from dhoti-kurta to jeans and a T-shirt. It's about time these people grew up," Sandhu added.

The farmers' protest entered its 20th day today, in absence of any truce between the protesting farmers and the central government.

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