National Road Safety Week: Road Accidents Leading To Tragic Deaths, Could They Be Avoided?

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National Road Safety Week: Road Accidents Leading To Tragic Deaths, Could They Be Avoided?

National Crime Records Bureau recorded 3,54,796 cases of road accidents in India in 2020 and took the lives of more than 1 lakh people.

Road accident deaths are frequently seen over news media platforms on a day to day basis. Many people have lost their lives in road accidents due to various reasons. According to National Crime Records Bureau, India recorded 3,54,796 cases of road accidents in 2020 and took the lives of more than 1.33 lakh people. While looking at the accidents that happened recently, many of them wouldn't have resulted in the tragic death of many or even have occurred in the first place if rules and regulations were followed and roads were well maintained. Faults on the government's side and those driving vehicles have cost the lives of many.

The Logical Indian looks back at some of the tragic road deaths that occurred in the recent past and how they could have been avoided by following rules and regulations and maintaining roads.

Drunk Policeman Hit Food Delivery Partner Killing Him

A week ago, a Zomato delivery executive was killed by a police constable who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. The victim collected food and was outside Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital on the service road when a policeman in uniform hit his bike. He flew in the air and fell, hitting the divider and dying on the spot. Meanwhile, The Hindu reported that he was the only earning member in his family. A person has lost his life due to a mistake committed by another person. The act of irresponsibility has come from somebody responsible for maintaining order in the country. The whole incident would not have occurred if the policeman hadn't drunk and driven his vehicle.

Two Killed As Speeding Bus Hit Truck

A speeding passenger bus collided with a truck coming from the opposite direction killing two people and leaving twelve injured. The two killed are drivers of both vehicles. As reported by the Times of India, the rescued passengers said they were pleading with the bus driver to slow down, but he ignored their requests and was over-speeding, leading to the tragic accident. Drivers have to be careful and responsible while driving and should not forget that their recklessness will affect all the passengers in the vehicle. The driver could have listened to the passengers and slowed down so that the accident wouldn't have happened.

Kannada Actor Sanchari Vijay Death

Award-winning Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and succumbed to death in hospital. The motorcycle skidded and fell, resulting in severe injuries to the head, and the doctor said to his family that he was brain dead. According to Deccan Herald, the neurosurgeon who treated Vijay said that the chances of survival are higher in head injury cases if the rider wears a helmet since it reduces the impact of hitting. Kannada film industry would not have lost a talented actor if he wore a helmet while driving.

Pillion Rider Died Skidding From Flyover

A pillion rider lost his life after the motorcycle he was travelling in skidded from the Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Link Road flyover in Mumbai. The road became slippery due to the rain leading to accidents. Multiple incidents of skidding were reported on the bridge, which led to its closing down one month after it was opened for public transportation. As reported by The Indian Express, experts have said that there was a mistake in making the road that made it more slippery. The top layer lacks enough friction, and it becomes more problematic especially when it rains. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation started milling the road surface to make it less smooth and provide a better grip for vehicles. Road construction has to be carefully planned and executed, prioritising the safety of people.

Motorcyclist Died Hitting Pothole

Shadab Yunus Khan, a private company executive, died after his motorcycle hit a pothole. His wife and two-year-old daughter were left injured in the accident. The man did not notice the pothole and, while his motorcycle skidded after hitting it, reported Times Now. The poor quality of roads is a major cause of concern in India, and potholes have taken the life of many. Measures have to be taken such that potholes must be identified and repaired immediately.

Everyone's life is precious, and the lives lost cannot be retained at any cost. However, the memories of these tragic accidents will remind citizens and the government of the importance of road safety and following rules and regulations.

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