Brotherhood! Muslim Man Donates Land For Last Rites Of Jain Monk In MP

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Brotherhood! Muslim Man Donates Land For Last Rites Of Jain Monk In MP

The instance took place in Singoli in the Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh, where a Muslim man, Ashraf Meo, donated a part of his land for the last rites of a Jain monk, Muni Shri Shantisagar. According to the followers, the land was apt for his last rites.

Madhya Pradesh witnessed a gesture of brotherhood when a Muslim man, Ashraf Meo, aka Guddu in Singoli of Neemuch district, donated his land for the last rites of a Jain monk, Muni Shri Shantisagar, who died a few days ago. According to religious belief, a portion of land on Neemuch-Singoli Road belonging to Ashraf, former chairman of Singoli Nagar Panchayat, was apt for the monk's last rites.

According to the followers, the members of the local Jain community offered a large sum of money for the land to Ashraf, but he declined to take the money, and Muni Shri Shantisagarji's last rites were performed on Ashraf's land, Manish Jain, office bearer of Jain Singoli Samaj said.

What Did Ashraf Say?

Ashraf said, "Money does not count for me. It is my privilege that a samadhi (memorial) of a Jain monk will come up on my land. I have been getting phone calls congratulating me for setting such a fine example of communal amity and brotherhood in Singoli", reported The Indian Express.

Similar Instances In Past

In November 2021, a poor Muslim farmer in West Bengal donated a portion of his land to construct a Kali temple in Bhimpur village of Nadia district. The Hindu villagers used a vacant plot beside the border road for Kali puja, for which they had to seek permission from BSF every year. And when last year, BSF did not give consent, the farmer donated a portion of his land, reported The New Indian Express.

In December 2020, HMG Basha, a Muslim businessman in the cargo transport sector from Bengaluru, donated 1.5 gunta land worth Rs 1 crore to develop a Hanuman temple at Hoskute taluk, about 35 kilometres from the city, reported The Indian Express.

In May 2015, Muslims in Bihar depicted communal harmony and donated land to build World's largest Hindu temple, which would have the capacity to seat 20,000 staggering people, reported India TV.

We have always been divided on the grounds of caste and religion. Still, instances like these teach us to live with peace and harmony and realise that people belonging to different religions can stay together with affection!

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