PM Modi Takes Dig At China, Questions UNs Role In Pandemic At UN General Assembly

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PM Modi Takes Dig At China, Questions UN's Role In Pandemic At UN General Assembly

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic crisis to make the point, Modi questioned the UN over its role in pandemic and urged to push for the reforms in the global body.

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Saturday, for the general debate in the 75th session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at Beijing's debt-trap diplomacy, that has come with President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative in Pakistan, saying India strengthens its development partnership without any 'mala fide intent' of making a partner country 'dependent or hapless', reported The Indian Express.

Referring to China-Pakistan ties, Modi told the Assembly that any gesture of friendship by India towards one country is not directed against any third country.

In his 22-minute pre-recorded speech at the UNGA, Modi said the country has always taken decisions keeping in mind the interest of the whole humankind and not about its own vested interests.

"From India's Neighborhood First policy to our Act East policy, as well as the idea of Security and Growth for All in the Region, or our views towards the Indo-Pacific region, we have always worked for the interests of humankind, and not driven by our own self-interests. India's partnerships are always guided by this very principle," Modi as quoted by the media.

Keeping in mind the current ties with China and the world's mindset towards the country, Modi said that when India was strong, it was never a threat to the world, when the country was weak, it never became a burden on the world.

He highlighted New Delhi's commitment to the fight against terrorism but placed it in a broader context. "India will not hesitate in raising its voice against the enemies of humanity, the human race and human values – these include terrorism, smuggling of illegal weapons, drugs and money-laundering."

Citing the COVID-19 pandemic crisis to make the point, he further questioned the UN over its role in pandemic and urged to push for the reforms in the global body, considering their need at such trying times. He reminded that 130 crore Indians still believed in its ideals, but the global body needed to adapt certain changes to stay relevant in current times.

"Reform is needed at the United Nations and India is waiting for that reform."

"Over the last eight to nine months, the whole world has been battling the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Where is the United Nations in this joint fight against the pandemic? Where is its effective response?

He added that people of India are worried whether this process will ever reach the logical end. For how long will India be kept out of the decision-making structures of the United Nations?" he asked.

India's pharmaceutical industry has sent essential medicines to more than 150 countries. Modi restated the country's willingness to share responsibility.

Modi assured that India's vaccine production and delivery capacity will be used to help all humanity in fighting this crisis and will help other countries in enhancing their cold chain and storage capacities for the delivery of the vaccines, the media reported.

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