Love Jihad Is Term Coined By BJP To Disrupt Communal Harmony: CM Ashok Gehlot

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"Love Jihad Is Term Coined By BJP To Disrupt Communal Harmony": CM Ashok Gehlot

In his tweet, Gehlot accused BJP of violating the right to personal liberty and said the idea to have law over it is unconstitutional.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday said that 'Love Jihad' was a phrase manufactured by the Bharatiya Janata Party to create communal disharmony and divide in the country.

In his tweet, Gehlot said the idea to have law over it goes against an individual's right to personal liberty and accused BJP of violating them.

"They are creating an environment in the nation where consenting adults would be at the mercy of state power. Marriage is a personal decision & they are putting curbs on it, which is like snatching away personal liberty," Gehlot tweeted. "Jihad has no place in love," he added.

His comments come at a time when various BJP-ruled states have announced that they will bring legislation against Love Jihaad.

'Love Jihaad' is a term used by Hindutva groups to allege that Muslim men, either forcefully or by guile, marry Hindu women with the sole purpose of converting them to Muslims.

Shortly after Gehlot's tweets, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat responded saying that thousands of young women are trapped because of love jihad. He said if it is a matter of personal liberty, then women should be free to keep their religion and maiden name.

Earlier in the day, the Uttar Pradesh Home Department announced that it is mulling to bring strict law against 'love jihad' in the state, and has sent a proposal on the same to the Department of Law.

The announcement comes days after Madhya Pradesh and Haryana announced that they would bring a law against 'love jihad'.

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