Bhagavad Gita Is Supreme; Dont Mix It With The Bible: Karnataka Minister On Bible Controversy

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'Bhagavad Gita Is Supreme; Don't Mix It With The Bible': Karnataka Minister On Bible Controversy

The Department of Primary and Secondary Education had already issued a notice to the school on Tuesday, April 26. BC Nagesh said the government will take the necessary action after the school responds to the show cause notice.

Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh made a remark on Wednesday in response to the state's continuing Bible dispute and the state government's plan to integrate the Bhagavad Gita into the school syllabus. This statement came after students at Clarence High School in Bengaluru were asked to learn about the Bible.

"Don't mix the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible. The Bhagavad Gita is a philosophical work, not a religious book. It makes no reference to religious rituals. It doesn't specify how to perform Prarthana [prayer]. It is, in essence, superior to everything. We are willing to add everything in moral science that may help students' morale," BC Nagesh said.

Clarence High School in Bengaluru was given show-cause notice by the Karnataka government in response to the decision of mandated the teaching of the Bible for all students.

Show Cause Notice To School

On Tuesday, April 26, the Department of Primary and Secondary Education sent a notice to the school. BC Nagesh stated that after the school answers the show cause notice, the government would take appropriate measures, reported India Today.

On Monday, April 25, Clarence High School invited students' parents to sign an agreement which mentioned that they will indeed not object to their children bringing the Bible to school.

In response, Mohan Gowda, state spokesperson for the Hindu Janajagruti Samithi, alleged that the institution was pushing non-Christian kids to study the Bible. According to the organization, there were non-Christian kids in the school as well. The organization alleged that the institution was pushing kids to study the Bible.

Inquiry Directed By The NCPCR

On Monday, April 25, the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) appealed to the district commissioner of Bengaluru, requesting that an investigation into Clarence School be launched. The NCPCR recently issued this ruling after determining that the school's policy of compulsory Bible study was a breach of Article 25 of the Indian Constitution.

The NCPCR has stated that a response report on the case must be submitted inside of seven days. Furthermore, Clarence High School has now been given seven days to answer the show cause notice imposed by the Karnataka government.

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