Indian Railways Launches State-Of-The-Art POD Hotels

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Indian Railways Launches State-Of-The-Art POD Hotels

The Indian Railways have launched a new concept by commissioning the POD concept and would comprise of three categories namely 30 Classic Pods, 7 Ladies only, 10 Private Pods.

Indian Railways have launched a new concept of POD hotels for the first time in Mumbai Central Station. The POD room would provide modern resting facilities at cheaper rates and other amenities like WiFi, TV, a small locker, adjustable mirror, and reading lights. The POD hotel room would provide various small bed-sized capsules and provide affordable overnight accommodation. The Minister of State of Railways, Coal and Mines, Government of India, Raosaheb Dadarao Patil Danve, virtually inaugurated the facility.

What Does The POD Room Offer?

The state-of-the-art facility consisted of an inventory of 48 under three categories, namely 30 Classic Pods, 7 Ladies only, 10 Private Pods and One for Differently Abled. The facility provides enough space for one guest in Classic pods and Ladies pods, and the private pod will have enough space apart from the bed. The room for the differently-abled will have enough space to fit in 2 guests comfortably and enough space to move the wheelchair. The POD concept is a path-breaking step by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) in the hospitality sector.

Cost-Effective Option

A senior official from the Western Railway said that the Railways would charge ₹999 for a stay period of 12 hours, whereas it would charge ₹1,999 for a stay of 24 hours. While speaking at the event, the Minister said that the POD accommodation would provide service to the passengers at affordable rates. Business Standard quoted Alok Kansal, the general manager of WR, said the total cost of the projects and facilities inaugurated on Wednesday was worth Rs 230 crore.

The concept of the capsule hotels, famously called POD hotels invented by Japan. The POD concept was found for passengers who did not or could not afford conventional hotels for their resting period.

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