Arrived When Hes No More! Haryana Man Dies By Suicide Over Delay In Canada Student Visa
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Arrived When He's No More! Haryana Man Dies By Suicide Over Delay In Canada Student Visa

After a delay in Student Visa for Canada, a Haryana man died by suicide as he was upset over not having a student visa even when his friend had received it. The deceased's body was found in a canal near the Kurukshetra district.

In a recent case of suicide over a delay in student visa for Canada, the body of a 23-year-old Haryana man was found in a canal near the city of Kurukshetra on Friday (August 19). According to reports, his visa arrived on Thursday (August 18), but he was no more to receive the same as his body went missing on Wednesday (August 17), probably dead by then.

The man identified as Vikesh Saini belonged to the Gorkha village in the Shahbad sub-division. He jumped into the canal near the Jansa town as he was upset over not having the student visa even when his friend had received it.

According to his family, he wanted to settle in Canada for further studies after graduation. Apart from his parents, the deceased had a brother and two sisters.

Student Visa Delays & Rejections

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic came to a partial end, the delays in student visas continue to be a problem. Apart from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are among many on the list that takes longer than usual to take calls on applications.

The Canadian Parliament committee presented a report in May that revealed that over 30 per cent of applications for a student visa from India were rejected in 2018, increasing further to 41 per cent in 2021. The significant spike in the rejection of student visas puts tremendous pressure on students as it disrupts their career opportunities.

Recently, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said, "Senior MEA officials dealing with Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, UK, and the USA had constructive discussions with corresponding heads of missions and senior diplomats of these countries about streamlining student visas to Indian nationals," NDTV reported.

Indians In Canada: Living In A Myth?

Longstanding bilateral relations between India and Canada share the same tradition of pluralism, democracy, and cultural connections. Canada is home to many Indians who decide to shift for better education, employment, and lifestyle opportunities. In 2021, over 1 lakh received permanent citizenship in Canada as the country received a record 4 lakh immigrants.

Indian parents are the most generous parents in the world who want to give their children the best education, lifestyle, and job opportunities. But only a few search for flaws while sending their children to Canada for a better living.

Despite being highly developed, the Canadian economy is mainly driven by small and medium-sized enterprises. The perception of immigrants changes once they start living in Canada, affecting their approach and perception psychologically. Therefore, better profession, superior lifestyle, and best health facilities are termed myths by many Indians in Canada.

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