COVID Relief: Dubai Based NRI Provides 150 Oxygen Concentrators To Bengaluru Hospital

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COVID Relief: Dubai Based NRI Provides 150 Oxygen Concentrators To Bengaluru Hospital

Mayne said it was very difficult for him to see his countrymen and women battling all odds to save lives.

As the second wave of COVID hits the country, many people have come forward to help in relief work.

Eugene Mayne, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tristar Group and a native Bengalurean, decided to send oxygen concentrators to St Martha's Hospital in Bengaluru after learning about the situation in his country.

Mayne delivered 150 oxygen concentrators from Respironics EverFlo and Philips to St Martha's Hospital on May 10.

They weigh 14 kilogrammes and produce a noise level of less than 45 dBA. Each unit is a small oxygen concentrator that can offer breathing relief to people who need up to five litres of oxygen per minute. They were transported to Bengaluru from Poland.

Mayne admitted that seeing his countrymen and women fighting against all odds to save lives was extremely difficult for him.

"They ( oxygen concentrators) are timely and of immense help to the hospital and our patients. We can use them in the Covid ward and restrict the use of liquid medical oxygen for our patients in the ICU and high dependency units (HDUs)," Sister Gracy, Sister Superior of St Martha's Hospital said to The New Indian Express.

"We hope this small initiative will provide the much-needed recourse to hundreds of people who need oxygen to breathe. It is a universal human right. We are a business with purpose, and saving lives is an integral part of our corporate strategy. Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow citizens in India," added Mayne.

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