President Kovind Suspends Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi Over Dereliction Of Duty

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President Kovind Suspends Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi Over 'Dereliction Of Duty'

The suspension comes following the President's approval to an inquiry against Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi for abuse of his power.

President Ram Nath Kovind ordered the suspension of Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi for grave misconduct for 'failing to discharge his duties'.

The President, on Wednesday, directed the Ministry of Education to initiate an inquiry against Tyagi over allegations of 'dereliction of duty', reported The Week.

The decision comes amid a controversy over appointments and alleged administrative lapses. "In the view of the responsible constitute grave misconduct, dereliction of duties, abuse of power and lack of the part of Prof Yogesh Tyagi, Vice-Chancellor, University Delhi," the ministry's statement read. According to the reports, the President approved the inquiry on Tuesday evening.

The education ministry said that the vice-chancellor was suspended over 'failing to discharge the duties'. Tyagi is kept under suspension till the completion of the inquiry, considering he might influence the investigation while present in the office.

Tyagi was on leave since July 2 after being admitted to AIIMS under emergency medical condition. A senior official told the media that the ministry would treat the orders issued by him or with his approval during that period as null and void.

Pro-VC P.C. Joshi was handed over the charge of VC on July 17, until Tyagi resumed. Office.

The decision comes after a dispute of appointments to the university erupted last week - of Tyagi replacing pro-VC Joshi with Geeta Bhatt, the director of the Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board of the university.

Joshi had notified the appointment of a new registrar, Vikas Gupta, whose interview had been cleared by the executive council. However, Tyagi approved and notified the appointment of P.C. Jha the same day as an acting registrar and director of the South Campus.

The ministry then intervened in the scuffle between the vice-chancellor and the pro-vice-chancellor, saying appointments made by Tyagi were not valid as he was on leave.

The issue intensified with Jha, who wrote to the ministry citing himself as 'acting Registrar' and stating that all decisions taken by Tygai are by university norms. The ministry, however, objected to the letter and directed the team to take strict action against him.

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