Death Not Related To Vaccination: Health Ministry On Mans Death After COVID-19 Vaccine In Odisha

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'Death Not Related To Vaccination': Health Ministry On Man's Death After COVID-19 Vaccine In Odisha

Deceased patient's family demanded a proper investigation, the patient was in a healthy state before vaccination, claimed the family.

Three days after COVID-19 vaccination, a 27-year-old security guard in Odisha's Burla died while the government claimed the death is not related to consequences of the vaccination.

The health ministry in its statement said, "A total of 9 deaths have been reported so far and none of the deaths is related to COVID-19 vaccination. A 23-year-old person has died in the last 24 hours," reported The Indian Express.

Nanikaram Keunt, who was a security guard at Odisha's Nuapada District Headquarters Hospital, received a dose of Covishield on January 23.

According to Nanikaram's family, he complained of nausea on Monday when he was on duty and was admitted to the hospital on the same evening. After his health started deteriorating, the hospital referred him to Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) at Burla in Sambalpur where he died on Tuesday, January 26.

Demanding the proper investigation of the case, Nanikaram's brother said, "Earlier he was not suffering from any disease and was in a healthy condition before the vaccination. We demand his death to be thoroughly investigated."

The death due to vaccination was also denied by the Nuapada Chief District Medical Officer, Kaliprasad Behera who said, "The deceased patient's white blood cell count had gone down when he was admitted, but his platelet count was high. His postmortem report is still awaited but as per preliminary investigations, he died due to intracerebral haemorrhage."

As many as 4 cases of adverse event following immunization have been reported so far in Odisha since the initiation of the vaccination drive in the state.

Over 20 lakh healthcare workers have received COVID-19 vaccine jabs till now across the country, as per the Union Health Ministry.

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