Centre Mandates Social Media Companies To Take Down Fake Profiles Within 24 Hours Of Complaint

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Centre Mandates Social Media Companies To Take Down Fake Profiles Within 24 Hours Of Complaint

Action against fake accounts should be initiated under 24 hours under the new IT rules. According to a survey by Statista, 16 per cent of Facebook accounts are fake.

The Central government has mandated all major social media networks to take down all fake accounts within 24 hours of the complaint by the user. The move is likely to reduce the menace of impersonation on social networking sites. The order mandates Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to take down the accounts with fake profile pictures of well-known celebrities, businesses, or even regular users within 24 hours of the complaint.

Part Of New IT Rules

The government has said that this comes under the new IT rules, and the companies must act immediately, reported TOI. Users make fake accounts or impersonate as influencers on social media to gain followers, start a trend or get involved in illegal activities. The intention behind the creation of such profiles can range in degrees of severity. Some individuals create fake accounts just for parody and entertainment, while others can use the platform for crime and other illegal activists.

Roushni Nair, a social media user, said, "My pictures have been taken to make fake accounts on various dating apps and social media sites. It concerns me because through those fake accounts someone could be speaking to so many people, and I am not even aware of the kind of conversations being under my name. It could potentially affect my reputation and is a threat to my security."

16% Facebook Accounts Fake

A survey by Statista reported that 16 per cent of all accounts on Facebook are fake. These accounts use authentic or morphed images and carry content similar to that of their targeted personality. Impersonation is a menace in the virtual world and causes a loss of billions for the social media giants.

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