Permission To Bite The Bullet: Missing MiG-29K Pilots Wedding Invite Goes Viral

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'Permission To Bite The Bullet': Missing MiG-29K Pilot's Wedding Invite Goes Viral

Cdr Nishant Singh has been missing since Thursday after his MiG-29K crashed into the Arabian Sea.

All good things come to an end, welcome to hell, Commander Nishant Singh's senior wrote to the young Indian Navy pilot who has been missing since November 26 after his MiG-29K fighter trainer jet of the Indian Navy crashed into the Arabian sea.

About seven months ago, Cdr Nishant Singh had sought his senior's "permission to bite the bullet" and "willingly sacrifice" himself in "absolute peacetime".

"I intend to drop a nuclear one on myself and I realise that just like all the split second decisions we take up in the air in the heat of combat, I cannot afford to allow myself the luxury of time to re-evaluate my decision," the young pilot wrote talking about his marriage.

The letter written on May 9 resurfaced on social media ever since the young pilot went missing.

Young officers have to get the approval of their COs to get married. However, the letter titled "permission to bite the bullet" went viral for the young pilot's humour.

Giving his approval, the Commanding Officer wrote, "Saw the spark in you and always knew you were different."

Search operations are underway even over 50 hours after Commander Nishant Singh went missing on Thursday.

"MiG-29K trainer aircraft operating at sea ditched at about 1700 hrs on 26 Nov 20. One pilot safely recovered, search for the second pilot Cdr Nishant Singh, by air and surface units is in progress. An enquiry to investigate the incident has been ordered," Navy spokesperson said in a tweet on Friday, November 27.

Naval assets including P-8I surveillance aircraft and Indian Air Force C-130J Super Hercules special operations aircraft among others have been deployed into the search operation.

Another pilot, who had gone missing after the incident was found soon after the crash. The Navy has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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