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This Pune-Based Engineer Receives Grant For 'Air Filter Technology' That Reduces Carbon Emissions In Vehicles

While addressing his monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme, PM Narendra Modi spoke about Mayur Patil, founder of Small Spark Concepts, who participated in NITI Aayog’s Atal New India Challenge and received a ₹90-lakh grant for his invention.

Mayur Patil, the founder and director of Small Spark Concepts based in Pune, received Rs 90 lakhs financial assistance under the Atal New India Challenge (ANIC) initiative for creating air filter technology that can reduce carbon emissions in vehicles by 40 per cent and increase fuel efficiency. The grant helped Patil in setting up a factory to mass-produce the air filters

PM Narendra Modi interacted with Patil and congratulated him during Sunday's 83rd 'Mann Ki Baat' session. As reported by The Hindu, Modi said,

"A few years ago, if someone used to want to start a business, elders in the family would advise him to find a job which would provide salary and security without hassles. But today, they will excitedly support him. This is a turning point in India's growth story that we will be a nation of job creators, not just job seekers."

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, tweeted about it on his Twitter handle.

Atal New India Challenge

Atal New India Challenge(ANIC) is an Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) initiative under NITI Ayog by the Indian government that supports technology-based innovators by providing grants to execute their projects.

The products should be of national importance and should be socially relevant. Potential innovative ideas from startups, MSMEs on their own or with organisations, academic institutions, and individual innovators are encouraged through the program. Preliminary screening and shortlisting by Screening-cum-Selection Committee (SSC) before selecting 26 applicants for immediate ANIC Grant-in-Aid support.

Mayur Patil was one of the 26 applicants who received the grant. Twenty-six more have been chosen for handholding support and will be supported for ANIC Grant-in-Aid subject to subsequent review by SSC.

Mayur Patil's Innovative Air Filter

Mayur Patil along with his enthusiastic team consisting of a group of young engineers and inventors has been trying to bring positive changes through their inventions.

"We believe that the beauty is in the details: those small things which are unrecognised, unnoticeably ignored are the ones which fit in the design and do the job which it is meant to do, without which the purpose is undone," says Mayur Patil.

They introduced the air filter, which can reduce carbon emissions in vehicles and increase mileage in vehicles. After installing it in 10 buses of the regional transport corporation in 2017-18, they found that fuel efficiency had increased 10 per cent, while emissions were reduced by 40 per cent.

Small Spark Concepts says that the engine needs lesser fuel to run after installing the air filter. Also, the improved combustion reduces the carbon depositions in the combustion chamber, exhaust, and spark plug, resulting in improved engine life and mileage.

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