French Authorities Ban Sale Of iPhone 12 Due To Elevated Radiation Levels

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French Authorities Ban Sale Of iPhone 12 Due To Elevated Radiation Levels

In a surprising development, French authorities have imposed a ban on the sale of iPhone 12 devices across the country due to concerns over elevated radiation levels emitted by the popular Apple smartphone.

The decision, which was announced by the French National Agency for the Health and Safety of Food, Environment, and Labor (ANSES), has raised questions about the potential health risks associated with these devices. Apple Inc. has responded swiftly, pledging to cooperate fully with French authorities and address the issue. The decision to ban the sale of iPhone 12 models in France comes after an extensive investigation by ANSES. The agency's findings revealed that these specific iPhone models emit radiation levels that exceed the regulatory limits set by the European Union. While the radiation emitted by the iPhone 12 is non-ionizing and falls within the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum, ANSES believes that prolonged exposure to these higher levels may pose potential health risks.

ANSES spokesperson, Dr Isabelle Durocher stated, "Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of the public. While the radiation emitted by the iPhone 12 is considered non-ionizing and generally safe, the elevated levels detected in these specific models have raised concerns. We are taking a precautionary approach by temporarily banning their sale while further investigations are conducted."

Apple Inc. responded promptly to the ban, expressing its commitment to safety and its willingness to collaborate with French authorities. In a statement, Apple spokesperson Sophie Dubois said, "We take these concerns seriously, and we are working closely with ANSES to provide all necessary data and address any potential issues promptly. Customer safety is our top priority."

Owners of iPhone 12 devices in France need not worry about their current phones being confiscated or recalled. The ban only applies to the sale of new iPhone 12 units. However, customers who have purchased these devices recently are encouraged to contact Apple or their retailers for further guidance and potential remedies. It is essential to note that this decision by French authorities does not affect other iPhone models or Apple's broader product lineup.

The ban on the sale of iPhone 12 devices in France due to elevated radiation levels has sparked discussions about the safety of mobile devices. As investigations continue, both French authorities and Apple are committed to ensuring the well-being of consumers. The outcome of this situation will undoubtedly have implications for the broader smartphone industry's regulatory standards and safety protocols. For now, iPhone 12 users in France are advised to stay informed about developments and seek guidance from Apple or their retailers if needed.

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