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Barkatullah University Professor Designs Wrist Band That Detects Early COVID Symptoms

The band can continuously detect the user's body temperature and, if a dangerous surface is touched, it will alert the user to sanitise. If fever is identified, the person's emergency contact will be notified so that they can maintain a safe distance to avoid transmission.

To curb the transmission of coronavirus, experts have been recommending keeping hands away from the nose, mouth, and eyes, as well as washing hands frequently. Nevertheless, following the protocol gets difficult through the course of the day.

To address the problem, an assistant professor from Barkatullah University in Madhya Pradesh has devised a wristband, available in various sizes, that will remind the user not to touch their face and alert them after identifying health conditions.

The central government has granted professor Dr Renu Choithrani a patent for her design.

"When your hand approaches your face too closely, a red light will appear along with a trigger to modify behaviour and to restrict the user from touching the face without washing. The band is capable of identifying the body temperature continuously, and in case any unsafe surface is touched, it will alert the user to sanitise before touching the food or face," Dr Choithrani told The Times of India.

She further claimed that in case fever is diagnosed, the emergency contact of the personnel will be alerted to ensure a safe distance is maintained.

What Makes The Wrist Band Stand Out?

Choithrani, a recipient of over 70 national and international awards, said, "If the infection is detected early on, the infected person can be treated using a variety of methods. Various approaches have been used to scan the early symptoms of COVID-19. One of the most effective approaches is the use of sensors. Sensors are used in conjunction with a systematic device to detect chemical compounds, which are then integrated with a biological component and a physicochemical detector."

Recently, the government issued a warning about the possibility of the third wave of the pandemic to strike and intensify during October.

Amid possible threats, a strong understanding of how to detect and monitor public health was required. Early recognition of symptoms is critical, and the dreadful illness caused by the novel coronavirus and its variants can be managed to a degree. Under the aforementioned circumstances, the wrist band can play a crucial role.

Regarding the band's design, Choithrani noted, "This biosensing system can be integrated into smart bands and nanosensors, allowing the diseased person to receive various therapeutic techniques. Various approaches have been used to scan the early symptoms of COVID-19. One of the most effective approaches is the use of sensors. When connected with a systematic device, sensors are used to detect the chemical substance, which is then mixed with a biological component and a physicochemical detector, which can be used to diagnose the COVID-19. Thus, it is a relatively new, sophisticated, and advantageous technique."

She further said that fluctuations in body temperature is one of the important symptoms of the virus and hence can be monitored with the band. The device is waterproof and can be worn for up to seven days on a single charge. Additional features such as tracking steps, distance, and measuring calories are also available in the band.

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