IIT Madras, Australian Varsities Collaborate To Launch Australia-India Centre For Energy With Focus On SDGs
IIT Madras Joins Hand With State Government To Build High Tech Labs In 6,000 Schools & Improve Educational Quality
IIT Madras Admits 87 Govt School Students In BS Programme Under Anaivarukkum IITM Initiative
IIT-Madras, Farmers NGO Develops Cost-Effective Transportation System To Address Labour Shortage
World Sustainability Day: IIT Madras Launches Campaign To Segregate Plastic Waste On Campus
IIT-Madras Develops Touchscreen Technology i-Tad That Enables Users To Feel Texture Of Images
Embracing Technology! Indian Army Signs MoU With IIT-Madras For 5G Testbed Project For Use At Borders
End To Manual Scavenging? IIT Madras Develops Robot To Clean Septic Tanks Without Human Intervention
IIT Madras Launches Free Out Of The Box Thinking Course, Encourages Innovative Thinking
Indian Railways, IIT-Madras To Collaborate On Rs 8.34 Cr Project On Hyperloop Technology
L&T Turns Sponsor For IIT-Madras Teams Hyperloop Project
Innovation For Good! IIT Madras Launches Indias First Indigenously Developed Polycentric Prosthetic Knee