BTS: How Switch Mobility With Schbang Offered Its Masterpiece With Sustainability And Tech At Its Forefront

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BTS: How Switch Mobility With Schbang Offered Its Masterpiece With Sustainability And Tech At Its Forefront

Remember those double-decker electric buses with a modern twist that revived Mumbai's 70-year love for the historic red buses?

Let's look at the bigger picture! As technology and consumer interest advance, the landscape of electric vehicles is rapidly shifting. In the upcoming years, it's expected to see a significant increase in the number of EVs taking to the roads, seas, and skies. Isn't it safe to say that electric motors are the most significant transformation the automotive industry has seen?

A push for greener initiatives has led many organizations to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) for their operations. Remember those double-decker electric buses with a modern twist that revived Mumbai's 70-year love for the historic red buses?

What’s New To The Table?

Well, this time, SWITCH Mobility, a pioneer in the commercial EV space with Schbang, decided to go big to raise awareness and educate people about the benefits of an electric vehicle. As Anand Kumar (Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, SWITCH Mobility Ltd.) firmly believed, there was no better place to talk about it than at AutoExpo, where there will be a large number of young automotive enthusiasts present, the company participated in India's largest auto show, Auto Expo 2023, to let visitors experience the benefits of EVs for themselves.

From Left Harshil Karia, Rhea Amin, Reuben D’souza, Akshay Gurnani from Schbang

But That's Not It!

In a conversation with Anand Kumar (Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, SWITCH Mobility Ltd.), he stated, "Millennials currently represent the majority of decision-makers in India. They are the same generation that grew up during the gaming era. So we used games to help them understand why EV is a preferable alternative." To accomplish this, they installed an interactive gaming screen at the SWITCH pavilion, where visitors can play two simple but enjoyable games.

Anand Kumar (Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, SWITCH Mobility Ltd.)

“Keeping in mind our core target audience of commercial vehicle owners, we not only engaged them through the nature of the games developed but also justified how EVs are more cost-efficient and low on maintenance costs while also showing them the impact in the reduction of carbon emissions & deforestation on them traveling a certain distance,” added Rhea Amin (Associate Vice President & Lead- Academy (Schbang).

However, It's More Challenging Than It Seems!

A lot of things go behind the whole process. Reuben D'souza, Account Lead at Schbang, revealed the challenge to understand the target audience who would first look at vehicles majorly in terms of profit and business making and being environment friendly after that. The task here was to create games that maximize the benefits of an EV for both business and the environment. He recalls, "Our scorecards were crucial in accomplishing this! Once our players had completed the game, our scorecards would show how much money was saved on fuel by using an electric vehicle instead of a fossil-fueled vehicle, as well as how much less carbon was emitted and how many trees could be saved by traveling the distance in an EV."

Definitely A Hit!

The brand went all out to make this gaming project a hit with the entire team's help. This was one of Schbang's first gaming projects; hence, determination and dedication level were always at the top. Every minor detail mattered! "Of course, there was a lot of learning while working, such as understanding the UI UX and every single detail that goes into game development that we, as players, overlook but are required for a smooth gaming experience," says Reuben D'souza who throughout with his team and brand led from the front to showcase this.

“It Was A Smooth Ride!”

Managing everything from ideation to execution is not an easy task! Some challenges require the whole team to pull up their socks. At least we think that! However, that was not the case here, as the entire team working on this was so well-coordinated that any member could handle any minor problem. "Everyone had reasonable ideas to contribute, from game names to finalizing how the gameplay would look and sound, what elements should be added or removed to make it look clean, and so on," says Reuben D'souza with a sigh of relief.

Reuben enthusiastically responded that he has always enjoyed taking on new challenges and that their greatest success was not only receiving a positive response from clients but also when users ranging in age from 10 to 60 years had to tell us what they learned and took away from the game. "There were some technical insights too into how an online game differs from an offline game, as well as considerations for UI and UX," added Reuben.

From left Reuben D'souza, Rhea Amin from Schbang

A Collective And Creative Force!

What made it possible was the extraordinary team assembled, whether from the brand's or agency's side, each of whom was a creative force house in their own way. “Working with the team at SWITCH Mobility on a campaign of this nature to help create awareness was an exciting and extremely rewarding opportunity,” says Rhea Amin. While speaking about working with Anand Kumar and the team at SWITCH Mobility, Reuben mentioned that the entire process was made very smooth and simple for them. "A person who values input and with whom you can have enjoyable yet meaningful conversations. His ideas and feedback were a great learning experience for us in the EV industry," he expressed. It was definitely a proud moment for him to lead this project and create a Schbang where everyone had something to say and a desire to learn.

SWITCH Mobility's commitment to sustainable transportation is evident in this latest offering, which truly turned out to be a futuristic masterpiece with sustainability and tech at its forefront. Perhaps, this excellent move would totally come out to be a trendsetter and encourage many others to do the same. Credit goes to the remarkable individuals who worked night and day tirelessly and used games to help people understand why EVs are a preferable alternative. Kudos!

At The Logical Indian, we truly value the efforts that go into such thoughtful endeavors, and with our special series, we unfold the behind-the-scenes layers that are truly candid, rooting for you, Schbang & Switch!

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