Nation Builders 2024 - Mahindra:  Forging a Resilient Future, Anchoring National Development

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Nation Builders 2024 - Mahindra:  Forging a Resilient Future, Anchoring National Development

Mahindra's unwavering dedication to social responsibility exemplifies its role as a catalyst for transformation

From its inception, Mahindra & Mahindra Auto Farm Sector has acknowledged the interdependent relationship between business success and societal well-being, paving the path for transformative change through pioneering CSR initiatives. With a commitment to empowering communities, uplifting marginalized groups, and advocating sustainability, their CSR endeavors surpass conventional boundaries, embodying the spirit of collaborative action and shared prosperity.

Mahindra & Mahindra Auto Farm Sector’s CSR Focus: FY 2023

In the fiscal year 2023, their primary CSR initiative revolved around empowering women and youth through skill development programs. Additionally, they channelled their efforts into bolstering farmers and rural communities through water conservation projects and the advocacy of sustainable agricultural practices. This comprehensive approach underscores their commitment to nurturing inclusive growth and empowerment across all societal sectors.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Avilash Dwivedi, CSR Head- AFS Sector, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd said “At the Auto and Farm Sector (Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd), the social journey is aligned with the Mahindra Group RISE Philosophy. Our Core PURPOSE is to drive positive change in the lives of our communities. Only when we enable others to rise will we rise. #TogetherWeRise.

This purpose sets the tone for CSR Initiatives at the AFS sector. Spread across 11 states, the community development initiatives focus on Skilling, Women Empowerment, Education, and Water Management. The multi stakeholder engagement, along with NGO Partners, has enabled us to deliver sustainable projects, and this journey continues as we learn to evolve and excel along with the key communities around our business and beyond. We remain aligned with UN SDG Goals and National CSR Frameworks in this journey to measure the results.”

Among the array of innovative initiatives, let's shine a spotlight on two notable ones: Breaking the ploughshare ceiling and PRERNA- Empowering Women.

Livelihood Through Farm Mechanization: Breaking the ploughshare ceiling

Women's invaluable contributions to agriculture often go unnoticed and undervalued, compounded by substantial gender-based obstacles that hinder their productivity and earnings. A significant challenge confronting women farmers is the limited access to modern farm equipment, such as tractors, which are pivotal in modernizing agriculture, enhancing productivity, and reducing labor costs. Yet, many women farmers lack access to tractors and the necessary training to operate them effectively. Addressing this disparity head-on, the program "Livelihood Through Farm Mechanization," launched in 2022, has trained 720 beneficiaries, including 232 women. Notably, all women trained under the program are pioneering tractor operators in their families. Furthermore, 100% of the trainees have obtained a permanent license, empowering them to significantly enhance agricultural productivity and livelihoods.

Fostering Women's Socio-Economic Growth: The PRERNA Initiative

The PRERNA project aims to elevate the socio-economic status of women by providing livelihood opportunities, raising awareness about social issues, and connecting them with government social schemes. Initially launched in 2019 to address the growing needs of women farmers, Mahindra & Mahindra(AFS) initiated this distinctive program to empower the often overlooked heroines of our agricultural landscape. The empowerment model collaborates directly with women farmers to enhance major crop productivity and introduce farm mechanization at the grassroots level, ensuring a substantial boost in income. The project's objective is to empower women farmers through economic assistance, training, and social upliftment, aligning with the contemporary requisites of modern agriculture essential for rural economic progress. Subsequently, the project has expanded to enhance the capacities of women in both farming and non-farm sectors, along with establishing government linkages to support their livelihoods through institution building (SHG/JLG/FPO).

Impact overview:

  • In F23, 1100+ women across 6 states were supported under the PRERNA initiative.
  • Trained and strengthened women lead FPOs for improved market linkages in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra linking 900+ women for the sustainable livelihood means.
  • 30 SHGs were formed and established linkages with government schemes.
  • Women Initiated income generation activities by making soft toys, Mushroom Farming, Jute bags, Artificial jewellery, Knit cloths etc.
  • 400 Women farmers were trained on setting up worming composting units, developing kitchen gardens and adopting modern farming practices.

Anita Shyamrao Pawar: A Tale of Triumph

Prerna (Women Empowerment) Initiative Anita Shyamrao Pawar, a resident of Mahalpur village in Chhindwara district, has transformed her family fortunes through innovative farming practices. With a family of five, including her spouse and three daughters, Anita used to rely solely on agriculture, struggling as a marginal farmer with only 1.5 acres of land. Traditionally, Anita cultivated maize, wheat, red gram, and soybean, sticking to mono-cropping due to financial constraints, lack of agricultural knowledge, and dependency on seed suppliers for fertilizers. Despite her hard work, she earned only around Rs. 70,000 annually from these crops. However, in 2022, Mahindra & Mahindra’s (AFS) Prerna project, in collaboration with NGO partner SRIJAN, introduced Anita to new agricultural techniques under the “Agro Ecology Transformation in Rural India Program.” With guidance from SRIJAN, Anita learned about crop diversification, shifting from wheat and maize to vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants, chilies, and green peas. With support from the project, including inputs like drip irrigation, seeds, and bio-organic fertilizers, Anita's earnings from vegetable cultivation increased significantly. She earned approximately Rs. 30,000 initially and up to Rs. 50,000 later by adopting natural farming methods. The increased income not only helped Anita repay a loan taken for her daughter's wedding but also supported her other daughter's education. Moreover, the shift to vegetable cultivation has made Anita and her spouse self-sufficient, eliminating the need for labor work on other farms.


A Call to Rise: In summary, Mahindra & Mahindra(AFS)’s unwavering dedication to social responsibility exemplifies its role as a catalyst for transformation. By prioritising inclusive growth and sustainable development, they have not only empowered individuals and communities but also laid the groundwork for a brighter future. As they forge ahead, their legacy of impact and innovation will continue to shape the landscape of corporate social responsibility, inspiring others to follow suit and driving positive change across the globe.
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