Bisleri Greener Promise: A Sustainable Campaign For A Greener Future

The holistic approach to water security, plastic recycling, and creating a circular economy is evidence of Bisleri's dedication to being a responsible corporate.

In shaping our planet's future, businesses play a crucial role. With climate change becoming a big concern, many companies are adopting sustainable practices. It is fundamental to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and strive to be more environmentally friendly. From using renewable energy sources to reducing waste, companies are increasingly implementing greener practices to ensure a greener future for generations to come.

In line with this, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd has recently launched its sustainability campaign - 'Bisleri Greener Promise.' The holistic approach to water security, plastic recycling, and creating a circular economy is evidence of its dedication to being a responsible corporate. As part of their mission to create a greener future for all, the film showcases Bisleri's efforts to upcycle used plastic into valuable products like apparel, school bags, and benches. Additionally, Bisleri has been working towards conserving water and building Check Dams, positively impacting many lives.

Commenting on the new campaign, Angelo George, Chief Executive Officer of Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, shared his thoughts, "At Bisleri International, sustainability is a fundamental value guiding all our actions. We take immense pride in our achievement of becoming a plastic-neutral and water-positive enterprise. Our innovative practices, strategic partnerships, and dedicated teams have helped us to successfully offset our plastic footprint and replenish more water to the environment than we consume in our operations. However, we recognize sustainability as an ongoing journey. We are committed to improving our practices by embracing innovations as part of the Bisleri Greener Promise to create a better world."

With over 50 years of legacy, Bisleri is a premium beverage company that remains true to its core value of providing consumers with clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. They have over 150 operational plants, a network of 6,000 Distributors, and 7,500 Distribution Trucks across India. Their commitment to producing high-quality beverages is unmatched; they conduct 114 quality tests as part of their 10-stage purification process. On top of that, Bisleri is one of India's first consumer goods companies to become both plastic-neutral and water-positive.

82.5 Communications conceived the campaign film, demonstrating the steps the brand took in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This visually captivating production highlights the important initiatives that promise a greener world. Commenting on the campaign's creativity, Anuraag Khandelwal, CCO India of 82.5 Communications, said, "Apart from being synonymous with drinking water, Bisleri, over the years, has created as much heart space as possible as mind space with consumers. Besides being the nation's most loved packaged drinking water brand, Bisleri's consistent efforts to give back to the planet are also unmatched. This is a curtain raiser for the world to see what Bisleri does in silence for the world it envisages. The bird is a mascot of the world Bisleri is creating and its proud journey to becoming Plastic Neutral and Water Positive. The message gets conveyed in true Bisleri style, without being 'gyaani.'"

The Logical Indian applauds Bisleri for their efforts and understanding of the need of the hour. We believe the campaign will engage and educate consumers in the fight against climate change and inspire other businesses and people to take action. The Bisleri Greener Promise campaign embodies its commitment to creating a greener future for all by implementing programs in recycling, water conservation, and sustainability.

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