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September 26th, 2015

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Recently, Rajasthan assembly passed two important bills which grant reservation over 50% to economically backward classes (EBC) and to Gujjar- led, special backward classes (SBC). The Rajasthan government urged the Central government to place these two bills in order to buffer them from legal scrutiny, in the 9th schedule of the Constitution.

The quotas as of now stand at 49% in educational institutions and state jobs. If the fresh measures are implemented then the quota will increase to 68%, over the limit of 50% quota set up by the Supreme Court. The 68% quota would also mean, that only one-third seats are left for the general candidates.

Other states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha also have more than 50 per cent quota.” At moment Andhra Pradesh has the highest percentage of reservation at 66.66%. Once these two bills are agreed upon, then Rajasthan would surpass Andhra Pradesh at 68% quota.

There are many state government who have again and again debated on increasing the reservation quotas in their states to satisfy a particular community. It is just because of Supreme Court they are not able to increase the quota above 50% but if politicians have their way they can change the constitution to increase quota to their desired percentage.


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