Depression: The Root Cause Of Suicide

Abhishek Mazumdar

April 4th, 2016 / 11:47 PM

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Mansi Dhanak is a teacher, event manager, blogger, traveller, philanthropist and a member of The Logical Indian team. She runs the The Brides Of India that assists people plan their wedding in an unique fashion. She is associated with a group that provide voluntary support to the depressed and suicidal. She has shared her opinion on the rising cases of suicide in recent times:

Everyone has been talking about the recent incident about an actress who passed away at an early age. It seems that people got yet another material of gossip. There are several people and articles digging her personal life.

Some sympathise the actor, some judge her for living alone in a city, some claim it a repeated attempt of suicide where as some claim it a murder. No one knows the truth yet. Let’s talk about the fact that we have lost one more life like many who give up their lives due to problems in personal life. Depression is certainly the root cause. We somehow have adapted the on-line social life so much that we have completely disconnected ourselves from the real people. Stress due to work and relationships has a huge impact leading to depression in many people. Ending life is not a solution to the problems but saying this is easy as the person who is depressed is the only one feeling the pain he/she is going through. We need to start being social offline – get professional help for people going through depression. Sometimes it might just take a comforting meeting or phone call to calm down the person suffering from depression and has no hopes in life. Now, that one such incident has brought awareness about the severity of suicide, we need to act on it before it’s too late. Everyone is a human first and their profession does not define their mental state of mind. Anyone can be a victim of depression leading to a strong decision of taking a wrong step. To talk about this issue one needs a strong experience, and yes, I have experienced it myself. Some of us know exactly what I am talking about. I have been there, almost ended my life and I can totally relate to the feeling. It is not easy to come to the point where one decides to end the life. It is extremely painful. Those memories can never fade and haunts me when I come across such incidents. Planning your own death is petrifying. Too much of mental stress leads to such kind of decision. The feeling is extremely horrible. It doesn’t happen overnight. Thought of killing yourself itself is dreadful. The sorrow exists deep down within the mind and heart.

Relationship actually plays an important role in a person’s life regardless of gender. Women are sensitive at the same time very strong mentally.

They don’t easily give up. But when the pain takes over it gets very difficult to manage. Friends and family can help in overcoming the difficult times. When a person shows signs of being depressed he/she should immediately be taken to a professional for help at initial stage. It’ll take time may be a lot of time to come out the phase that one is into. But with right care it can be resolved. Time can heal everything with right set of people and help from a psychiatrist. Counselling sessions can rebuilt the lost hope. We can help save our loved ones from going through depression. Share love and happiness around. Sometimes, it’s the only medicine required for healing. Post this sad demise there are news about how a renowned actress too tried attempting suicide few years back. It’s so disappointing that people try to dig in to celebrity’s past life of her attempting to end her life several times before. Trying to use such sensitive issue for their publicity and talk about how they once saved a life and now talking loud about it for the fame and hurt the actor’s sentiments. No one knows the feeling so please do not be so insensitive. A negative emotion that wreaks havoc on one’s mental health is beyond words. It can drain all of your energy, hope and happiness, leaving you helpless, stressed, frustrated, and vulnerable. It’s easy to slip and fall when you are standing precariously on the precipice of darkness. So, if you are feeling suicidal, it means you need help. At the same time it is equally important to know it is not your fault. There is a misconception about life and death. We’re naturally inclined to survive. But the feeling of being results into helplessness. At times when there is a sense of lack of help and trust around that’s when one turns to the only thing one can count on in life is death. Suicide is no solution to end problems. The certainty and finality of death appears to be more comforting than the uncertainty and pain on life or the untrustworthiness of closed ones we could count on. Dependence on closed ones is a human tendency. Suicide is a sure sign of psychological distress. Try and help the person who has signs of depression. After all we are humans who need each other’s support. Blaming someone for suicide without understanding the state of mind is never justified. People who commit suicide are considered as losers. Being so judgemental and ruthless will not help in anyway. It’s absolutely inhuman of people who take advantage of such serious incidents for their publicity and gossips. The Logical Indian team appeals people to be logical and act responsibly. It’s a hearty appeal to all those who are lacking and gradually losing humanitarian behaviour.  


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