How To Deal With Middlemen System Which Is Deeply Rooted In Our Government Procedures

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April 28th, 2017

How many of you took the numerous numbers of rounds in and around the RTO office? Whenever one thinks of driving, we also think of a driving license. But getting a license in India is not an easy task. It is a very lengthy, tiring, and corrupt process that you have to go through if you want a driving license for yourself. But why, what is the reason behind this? Why after some improvisation the situation is still the same. Today, The Logical Indian comes here raising this issue. And asks the government to focus their attention towards it.

Whenever an individual goes to an RTO office for a license, the first person s/he meets is neither any staff nor the guard. People meet different agents or middlemen or dalals who are present in the office premises, ready to help you with all their sweetness and modesty. We know that they are neither sweet nor modest, they are there to get us in their trap. But still, we go with them because we do not have any other way or we are reluctant to spend time to complete the procedure, and most of us even do not make any attempts to find the actual procedure how to apply for a license.

If you claim to go with legal procedures, then there are very high chances that you have to wait in the office or asked to come to the next day or week or month, or probably get failed in the test, or maybe they will go for lunch, and the excuses are so on. Though the majority of us face the above sadly very few of us voice our concerns with higher officials. Since the number of people who express their concerns is low, the officials tend to ignore our complaints.

So to be away from all this we prefer agents. Today, this system is entirely embedded in our government system and making it weak. Today issuing a license is so fake that even a blind person can get a license. Doctors are making fake medical certificates. This is one of the reason, why we see a significant number of road accidents on Indian roads?

The sad part comes here that our government is not giving the required attention that this issue needs. There is no step to stop it. Even when the process got totally computerised the benefit is still only in the papers.

These are some of the comments that we took from one of the previous articles published in ‘The Logical Indian’ website. Where different people shared their stories and problems which they faced while issuing their license. These comments clearly show the sad reality. And the problem is not in one city or state, but the condition is same for all over India.

Screenshots of the comments made by readers on an article by The Logical Indian

There is a very strong need to stop this. Our road and transport ministry need to think seriously and sincerely about the issue. Millions of people are driving on the road, where their life is on a stake. Because there are also driving different potentials, who can afford an accident. This kind of system is also encouraging ‘the bribing system’ or ‘the dalal system’ that has occupied its space at the root of the different government system. Not only our government but we as a citizen also have to stand against it. We have to say no to bribe.

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Why are people reluctant to complain?

Whenever we face problems, we simply ignore the issue and chose the least resistant path to overcome the problem.  But we never approach higher officials or register our grievances using the available options. We are the reason for the increase of corruption in our govt offices. Imagine if each and every one of us registers our complaints whenever we face problems in govt office. Many of us even before trying to complain say “Nothing is going to happen even if I complain”.

Ways to register your complaint with officials of any department

  • Take a paper, write a letter addressing the officer and mention the problem you are facing. Don’t forget to take an acknowledgement of the letter submitted.
  • Find out the higher official phone number and have a chat with him about your issue.
  • Call grievance number mentioned on the website.
  • Also, you can use Right To Information Act.

How to make sure that your issue is solved?

  • Follow up with the officer regarding the complaint
  • Use Whatsapp to send your grievances to officers and also mention your issue and officer involved.
  • Know about different rules and regulations regarding your work. When you are following up with the concerned official mention the rules that this work should be done in this many days, but the work is still pending.

Ex: If you have applied for renewal of a licence, according to citizen charter you should receive your renewed licence on the same day you have applied.

  • If you are not aware of rules, the officer or the employee will not pay heed to your request.

The Logical Indian requests everyone to start registering complaints/giving feedback whenever he/she faces any problem with any government department.


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