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Video: Meet A Blind Salesman, Who Earns His Living By Selling Pens

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October 4th, 2015

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hi guyz finally im uploading d video.of our "anil "[super inpiration blind man] and his phone no. is [9591157097] i aksd direct few que's lyk small interview.n he answered in kannada..his name is anil and he stays near beleshivaalaya hosakote kr puram talukhis profession is used to sell d pens n doing as own business he didnt got any other work n he don't want to simply roaming, n is not right decision to surive d life even we want to also to live normal life lyk others in a right way and he is not selling others bad products.. n he selling pens its use fr students..n it helps fr them also and he will get 3rs profit from every pen for one box he wlll get 30rs profit fr 10rs pen he buyed all this products in "avenue road.." he buyed a single box it wil cost him 70rs. n he will sell that for 100rs. n he has strong msg fr d blind people..(plz dont beg guyz n stand on yur own foot .do sumthing small business lyk this ..)

Posted by Shashi Mithr Samrat on Monday, 28 September 2015

I met Anil, who is blind by his eye-sight, but his morals are high to earn his living by his own handwork. I could not stop myself from talking to this man, who inspired me with his deed. I started asking few direct questions, when he answered me in Kannada. He told me that he stays near Beleshivaalaya Hasakote KR Puram Taluk. He sell pens, and that is his daily job.

At a time when he got no work, he did not want to roam around and beg for money. “That is not a right decision to survive,” he said—adding that he also wanted to live a normal life like everyone else.

One box of pen costs him Rs. 70, which he buys from Avenue Road. He further sells it at Rs. 100, by earning a margin of Rs. 3 on every pen from the box that he sells. “This helps the students also,” he says. He sends a strong message to people, that one need not beg for livelihood. A person can earn it with willingness which Anil has.

– Shashi Mithr Samrat

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