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The Man Who Stayed In Office 24×7 To Give Us Weather Updates While His Own Family Was Stranded

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December 7th, 2015

Image Courtesy: thehindu

In the midst of devastating floods, Chennai has seen countless heroes emerge, people risking their lives and going out of their way to lend a helping hand. One such example is Mr. SR Ramanan, fondly called Chennais ‘Rain Man’.

The meteorological scientist is popular state-wide for his exceptionally accurate predictions of cyclones even under the incalculable tropical climate. His forecasts have helped avert damage to life and economy over the years, warning fishermen regarding upcoming cyclones.

About a month ago, when the rains first started, Ramanan gained rapid popularity among school and college students owing to his announcements regarding extended holidays and postponed exams.

Titled the ‘rain god’, there were several memes released onto the social media, all in good humour. As the condition grew direr, there were incessant rains and the massive flood struck the city.

Offices, schools and commercial outlets were shut down, with people trying to get to safer lands. Braving the odds, the weatherman refused to leave his office, taking commitment and righteousness to a different level altogether.

Over the weeks, he has been reporting regularly from his office, informing people of the flooded and safe areas, giving them a chance to vacate potentially threatened regions, and move to safety.

Even though his home has been flooded and, due to collapse of the mobile network, he has been unable to reach his family, he feels duty bound to provide reassurance and be of help to all those stranded.

Ramanan too, was caught in the middle of the flood on a road a few days ago. In return for his invaluable services, he has rightly received the gratitude of many across the city, and is being hailed as a hero.

On being asked about his celebrity status, Ramanan humbly shrugged it off saying he is doing nothing but his duty as a servant of the government. Such unassuming dedication and integrity goes on to prove how he is one of the many local heroes the city has seen.

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