Opening A Whole New World: This NGO Is Taking Story-Telling To Underprivileged Children

"Opening A Whole New World": This NGO Is Taking Story-Telling To Underprivileged Children

Initially what started as a campaign to make sure that books are available in schools for underprivileged children has now outgrown into an organization which aims to bring a revolution in education through reading. “Share A Book, India” as a community is striving to weave stories in the young minds of our nation and broaden their thinking by inculcating good reading habits from a tender age. One of the main mottos behind this self-sustainable library community is achieving social equity and equality through education.

With an objective of making learning easier for kids, this non-profit organization is determined to change the reading culture in our country. Having completed nearly two years, they have, till now, reached out to 18 schools in 4 cities with nearly 2398 children benefiting from this experience. The volunteers belonging to this organization come from diverse background and they are leading the reading revolution with their passion and hard work.

Share A Book India
Narration with actions and play

“It’s a whole new world for them”

Priti, the co-founder of Share A Book narrated a very heartwarming incident. “We went to a school a few days back where we narrated the story of Cinderella there. The students were very enchanted and absorbed in the story. It was a whole new world for them.” She further added that such was the impact of this session that the students themselves came up with the moral to the story.

Share A Book India
A student with a story book

Sharing his experience about the reading sessions, one of the volunteers named Anand Bhagat says, “Today children from class 5th got the story books. A girl was not able to read and pronounce words. But a storybook ignited her wish to read and understand. She is struggling but she is trying. Yes, that’s the goal we have at SABIA. We are sure that she will read and write in the coming days. She has just started her journey and we will be there for her”. The vibrant energy of these little kids makes these volunteers keep coming back every Saturday with new stories in store.

Share A Book India
Reading session

Until now, they have adopted ten schools in collaboration with Teach for India, Pune, three government schools in Kota and associated themselves with Action for Excellence in Children and Women foundation, Delhi to make reading accessible to the underprivileged section of society. The idea behind this is that reading should not be viewed as a mere luxury but rather a necessity for children. Each school is allotted two volunteers and their roles could vary from being a manager, an educator, a story-teller to a counsellor. The need for reading aloud stories to engage the imagination of children belonging to various age groups could not be undermined. Often, narrating stories traverses them in different worlds and it is one of the best ways to stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

Those who wish to be part of this amazing NGO as volunteers or wish to donate books towards this noble cause can drop a mail at [email protected]

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