Inspired by The Last Deed Of A Dying Road Victim, Entire Village Pays Tribute In An Exemplary Way

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March 5th, 2016

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On February 16, Harish Nanjappa, 24, from Karegowdanahalli, Karnataka, unfortunately, met with a crushing accident and breathed his last. Harish had pleaded for help for more than 20 minutes while the passersby had just been busy taking photographs of him. With his body mangled, and most of his internal organs damaged beyond repair, Harish did something astonishingly selfless. In his final moments, he informed the paramedical staff that he wanted to donate his organs. Knowing his death awaited, Harish had the magnanimity to think and try to help others even in such a time. Though most of his organs were non-salvageable, his eyes were donated to the eye bank and have now brought light into the lives of two individuals.

Inspiring everyone by his last deed

As we all sat deeply touched and in awe of this man, his native village came forward with an apt tribute to his act of selflessness. On Monday, the 13th day of his death, the entire village pledged to donate their eyes after death.

“A total of 102 women, 71 men and 9 children volunteered to pledge their eyes,” said Dr. Somashekar, Narayana Nethralaya. The villagers have shown great thoughtfulness and generosity in pledging their eyes so as to be able to light a person’s world even in death.

He has not inspired only his village people but also family of Ms. Sanju, who after listening to Harish story, donated her four organs and gave a new lease of life to four people.

The strong and loud message his act sent is also being captured in a documentary by filmmaker Maya Chandra who was quoted saying, “Harish has sent a very strong message of turning his weakest moment into his strongest by thinking of doing good to society. He made his life purposeful even in those dying moments. It’s inspiring how he managed to do that even in that condition.”


How can anyone donate an organ?


 Anyone from a child to an old person can donate an organ. According to the Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka (ZCCK) for Transplantation, even if you have had a serious illness in the past, you can become a donor under the right circumstances. 

A person can pledge their organs directly by approaching the ZCCK office at Nimhans or pledge it online by clicking on If a person decides to register it online, then the ZCCK will send the donor card to the address. You can also pledge organs through NGOs.


The Logical Indian lauds the selfless act Harish committed, and also the inspired villagers who were moved enough to want to better someone’s life. Harish and his village have shown exemplary humanity and serve as an inspiration for all of us. After death, if the eyes are still intact, it is possible for the cornea to be removed, and then transplanted on to an individual with corneal blindness. Blindness is debilitating, and we must all be compassionate enough to try to help a human in need. Eye donation does not cause any disfigurement. More importantly, it bestows upon someone the invaluable gift of vision. We urge our readers to talk to their family, and pledge their organs and help improve the quality of someone’s life.

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