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We Smile Because Of You – It’s Because You Have Decided To Work Hard To Keep Each & Every One Of Us Satiated

The Logical Indian

March 21st, 2017

Stretches of paddy are aligned in neat rows in a vast stretch of land.

It’s one in the afternoon and men are working between the dense stalks with their bulky paddy cutting machines.

Stretches of cubicles are aligned in neat rows in the vast stretch of the third and fourth floor of a 10-floor building.

It’s one in the afternoon and men inside the cubicle are eating a home-cooked meal of rice and curry from their lunchboxes.

If not for you, the lunchboxes would have been empty.

If not for you, our mothers would never have succeeded in feeding us chapatis glistening with pure ghee.

If not for you, kids would never have developed friendships over tiffin ka khanna.

If not for you, the tiffin friendships would never have evolved into friendships over a glass of wine.

If not for you, we would’ve never been able to take advantage of our sweet tooth and gobbled on cookies and cakes.

If not for you, 90s Hindi cinema would have been dull without the hero and heroine dancing across acres of mustard fields.

If not for you, we wouldn’t have existed.

It is you who works in fields even on a hot summer’s day, just so we can savour a spoonful of dessert or gobble on midnight snacks.

Our daily lives depend on you as every morsel of food in our mouths is given by you.

The smile on our faces is because of you – it’s because you have decided to work hard to keep each and every one of us satiated.

You are the kisaan – the one who keeps the desires of all above their own.

We owe our existence to you.

We are thankful to Indofarm for this beautiful initiative # ThankYouKisaan.

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