Meet Dr Moinuddin Shabbir, Who Rides 125 Km On Scooter Each Day To Help Patients In Bengaluru

Since the beginning of lockdown Dr Shabbir has visited over 4000 households on his popular two-wheeler ambulance.

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Meet Dr Moinuddin Shabbir, Who Rides 125 Km On Scooter Each Day To Help Patients In Bengaluru

Amid the shortage of health workers and rise in coronavirus cases, a 46-year-old Bengaluru doctor is ensuring that residents in his locality are getting treatment.

Dr Syed Moinuddin Shabbir, a physician at Santosh Hospital has been attending patients since the lockdown came into effect. His concept of two-wheeler ambulance has made him popular in the city and he is a saviour for many patients amid this pandemic.

Being a civic leader as a part of B.PAC Civic leadership Incubator program, he has previously been a part of many awareness initiatives. Although working on the forefront while treating his patients has been an altogether humbling experience for him. Dr Moinuddin Shabbir, who has been residing in Shivajinagar since his childhood came out with this initiative with the help of his hospital management team. The narrow bylanes of Shivajinagar are difficult to navigate on four-wheeler vehicles as the area is densely populated. This made him choose a scooty as it will be more feasible for him to ride and reach as many patients as possible.

Dr Shabbir while going on the round in his neighbouring localities

In conversation with The Logical Indian, Dr Shabbir says, "When the concept of two-wheeler ambulance came to my mind, I started going out to attend people of Shivajinagar area on my scooter. My staff helped me in converting the scooty into a mini ambulance and I carry all required equipment such as a glucometer, a pulse oximeter and first aid kit when going out in the city. Many patients suffering from diabetes are not able to fetch their daily doses due to lockdown. Since the lockdown, I have made more than 4000 house visits attending patients in nearby localities."

Post completing eight hours of his daily duty at the hospital, he ensures to spend at least five hours going around the city and treating patients. With the two-wheeler ambulance, the senior citizens who cannot visit the hospital due to lock down or bedridden sick patients could be treated. He ensures that he reaches their doorstep and does a routine checkup of their health, sugar, blood pressure. Also, he is supplying free medicines to those patients who couldn't afford it due to the financial crisis which they're facing in lockdown.

"With the lockdown news, there was a lot of confusion amid the public. People were hesitant to visit the hospital and it derailed treatment for other diseases which they might be suffering from. Along with cooperation from police stations in the area, he has also spread awareness among people for necessary precautions to be taken. Visiting each nook and corner of the city on his mini ambulance, he utilizes this opportunity to inform people about coronavirus as well." shares Dr Shabbir in a conversation with The Logical Indian.

Taking part in awareness drive with the police personnels

Visiting nearly 20 to 25 lanes on his mini ambulance, he covers at least 125km in a day. He has also provided food, groceries or medicines to the migrant workers residing in the slums of Shivajinagar or Frazertown area with the help of organisations.

He has counselled and guided ASHA workers as they were facing problems while conducting surveys. When going out for work, he ensures that he follows all safety instructions and wears protective equipment. He reiterates that it is crucial that the community follows all protocols to bring the rising cases in control. "My family was very hesitant in the initial days when I went out. But now, they support me. I am getting more calls for house visits from other areas as well. I want to go out and cover more areas, if possible." concludes Dr Shabbir.

Distribution of masks for relief work for migrant workers.

The Logical Indian salutes the efforts of Dr Syed Moinuddin Shabbir for being on the frontline while treating patients amid the coronavirus outbreak and spreading awareness in the community regarding it.

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